Benefits of ginger juice

The use of pungent, spicy, delicious ginger given by nature has been going on since ancient times. In Sanskrit it has been called ‘Shringvera’, which was also consumed by the deities. It is considered as a home medicine. In the scriptures, it is also adorned with the name of Mahaushadha, Vishwaushadha or Vishwa. ‘Ardrak’ means ‘humid’ means wet. As long as it remains moist, it becomes ginger and on drying it becomes dry ginger. Its effect is cold in moist form and hot in dry form. It is called Balvardhaka in Charaka Samhita. Ginger does not spoil when dried. It is light in weight.


chemical organization

Water 80.9 percent, protein 2.3 percent, fat 0.9 percent, carbohydrate 12.3 percent, iron 2.6 ml. grams / per 100 grams.

Ginger is a priceless treasure of power and energy, used not only in India but all over the world. It is used as a tonic in Cambodia, medicine in China, Malaysia and Africa. Nutritious and strong ginger is useful and flavorful with spices. Charaka has considered it to be Vrushya because Vrisha means bull is a symbol of masculinity. Vayu, Vata, Kapha Nashak (Ginger) makes the body fit and healthy, while increasing memory, it is also useful in enhancing beauty. It gives heat, while becoming a power, it cures diseases. As soon as it is kept in the mouth, the salivary glands start releasing saliva, due to which the throat remains moist and along with digestion, the nervous system becomes clean and the larynx opens. Therefore, it keeps all the blood warm up to the respiratory tract, lungs, ears, nose, throat, brain, heart, stomach and legs.

Ginger is a substance produced in the ground. It is cultivated in the month of Chaitra and Baisakh. It is of two types – fibrous and non-fibrous.

Fiber is good in it. This is native ginger. Be it tea, vegetable, pickle or medicine, ginger is useful in almost everyone. Some people use dried ginger, which is called dry ginger.

Properties of ginger – rough, sharp, juice-bitter, vipak bitter-semen-warm.

Medicinal properties of ginger:

(1) Cough – Mixing equal quantity of ginger juice and honey in cough, licking it twice a day and drinking milk or tea provides relief in both dry and wet cough.

(2) On boils and pimples – Rubbing wet ginger and applying it, boils and pimples are cured soon. It is also rubbed and applied on the knots.

(3) Ascites – Its fresh juice is given to the patient of ascites, it provides great relief because it gives a lot of urine to the patient. It should be given according to the need and stamina of the patient. Filling of water in a swollen stomach like a mouse is called ascites disease and ginger is a great enemy of dropsy. Extract the juice by crushing fifty grams ginger. Mixing it with Salam Mishri in the morning and drinking it will be beneficial.

(4) Joint pain – In joint pain, take 1 kg of ginger juice, half a kg of spleen oil and offer it on the fireplace, when all the juice is burnt in it and only oil remains, then filter it and fill it in a vial. Massaging it cures joint pain.

(5) Kamla – Ginger, Triphala [Hard + Bahera + Amla], Jaggery mixed together and drinking all three gives benefit in Kamla.

(6) To increase appetite – Taking ginger and lemon juice mixed in equal quantity opens up the appetite. Mix black salt, rock salt, black pepper, nausadar according to taste and lick it, it gets rid of phlegm stuck in the throat easily.

(7) Toothache – Keeping a small piece of ginger in the molar ends toothache in the case of toothache during winters.

(8) Breathing – Roast ginger in fine pieces and keep it in a clean vial. Sucking these pieces one by one does not cause respiratory problems and does not cause coughing attacks.

(9) Pratishyaya – Taking two parts of ginger juice, one part lemon juice, black pepper, black salt, plain salt, sugar and roasted cumin, etc., mixed according to taste, destroys phlegm and cough, cold and runny nose. I get rest. Ginger, tulsi leaves and black pepper tea are very beneficial in cough or cold. This tea can be taken three to four times a day.

(10) Dry desiccant – Cut small pieces of ginger and put them in lemon juice and put rock salt on top, then taking it after meals also clears the tongue and the eaten and drunken food gets digested. Looking at all these properties of ginger, we can say that it is the destroyer of wind and phlegm. In Cambodia, its roots are used to make aromatic things.

(11) Diabetes – Mix 100 grams jaggery, dry ginger and jamun kernels mixed with 50-50 grams aloe vera juice and make tablets equal to peas, taking one tablet thrice a day is beneficial in diabetes.

(12) Gingivitis – Mix one spoon ginger juice, a pinch of salt in a cup of lukewarm water and drink it thrice a day by swishing water in the mouth, it cures gums, gingivitis, swelling. If there is pus, only rinse and spit out the water. 1

(13) Kapha Dosha – Licking ginger juice and honey mixed in 5 grams, gets rid of phlegm in cold and is also beneficial in cough.

(14) Vocabulary – By eating ginger juice mixed with lemon juice and salt, it does not cause indigestion and indigestion. Gargle twenty one times with ginger juice mixed with hot water, the closed throat will open and the voice will become melodious. Grind ten grams dry ginger and sugar candy and eat a tablet mixed with honey, then the throat will open.

(15) Stomach worm – Taking ten grams of ginger, garlic and black salt mixed with sugarcane vinegar ends stomach worms, due to which the patient complains of vomiting, bloating, indigestion and stomach pain.

(16) Hepatitis – Taking two lumps of ginger, one radish and juice of half a lemon mixed with salt, if desired, ends liver inflammation.

(17) Chitta Pitta – urticaria arising from cold heat, causing rashes on the body, unbearable itching and burning, then lick ginger juice and honey mixed or grind ginger, carom seeds and old jaggery. Take 20 grams each with lukewarm water at an interval of four hours, you will get relief.

(18) Asthma – One tola of ginger juice, one tola of honey warmed and drink twice a day. It is a good medicine for asthma and cough.

(19) Loss of appetite – Eat 6 pieces of ginger finely, adding a little salt, once a day for 8 days. Digestion will be fine, appetite will be felt, the air of the stomach will be clean and constipation will be removed.

(20) Powder for digestion – Add 2 tola of dry ginger, 2 tola of carom seeds, lemon juice so that it gets soaked, and after drying in the shade, grind it finely and mix some salt and keep it. Gives strength to fat, stomachache will be cured. Digests food by stopping sour belching.

(21) Vomiting – Taking two spoons of ginger and onion juice stops vomiting.

(22) Clogged throat and cold – Taking 1 tola of ginger juice, 1 tola of honey and taking it twice a day cures cold.

(23) Air pain – Soak half a pav of dry ginger in half a kilo of milk at night. In the morning mix dry ginger and sieve it finely. After roasting in 1 kg of flour, half a kg of ghee, add ground dry ginger and mix half a kg of sugar and keep it. Eat one quart daily with one pav of milk. It will be beneficial in air pain and back pain. Grind 2 tola suranjan-sheer and mix it, throw dry ginger milk.


(25) Swara Bhang – Make tablets equal to gram by applying the spirit of black pepper 1 gram, half a gram of Banshlochan, half a gram of sugar candy, ginger [rasa]. Suck these 2 tablets in the morning and drink hot milk tea.

(26) Pneumonia – Mixing its juice in ghee should be rubbed on the chest.

(27) In Acidity – Pomegranate juice 30 ml. [3 tsp], half a teaspoon [5 ml] of ginger juice should be taken four times a day. It cures sour belching, vomiting, nausea, and burning sensation in the stomach.

Read about homeopathic treatment of acidity

(i) Ardrak Garik Vati – Dry ginger juice by putting it in Garik, in this way keep 2-2 ratti tablets after applying 7 spirits. Taking 2-2 tablets thrice a day with any warm drink ends cough, burning sensation in the throat and brightens the complexion.

Sour-sweet chutney, salad, chili-spices, greens-vegetables, inside tea with radish and lemon, ginger in juice or juice is useful for cold, cold, cough, bronchitis, asthma, caries, indigestion, flatulence, vata and phlegm etc. It is useful in many ways even in many incurable diseases. Ginger Pak is often given to children in cold and cough. After drying ginger, its powder is also fed with black salt in indigestion or stomach diseases. Grind 25 grams dry ginger, 100 grams myrobalan and 15 grams parsley after filtering it with a cloth and take 3-4 grams powder with lukewarm water in the morning and evening, it is beneficial in arthritis. ,

(ii) Ginger [Sorbet] Sharker – Make syrup by adding 300 ml ginger, 300 ml water, 400 grams of sugar, then add small cardamom, mace, a little saffron [1 gram] yellow color as required. Consuming this sherbet in winter is beneficial in cold-cold, cough, shivering and digestion power is also fine.

(iii) Ginger drink – Boil ginger, mango, water, cardamom, cloves in water and then add milk in the last. Sometimes there is a fear of breaking the milk before pouring it. By taking this drink, cold, cold, fever, allergies, hoarseness, sore throat etc. can be avoided by taking this drink.

(iv) Ginger Ghrita – Take ginger juice and Ghrita equally. Cook both on slow-low flame and then filter it. All diseases of the stomach are cured by this ghee. It is used for both eating and applying.

(v) Ginger Leh – Ginger chutney is very tasty. This chutney is good for health.

Components – Chickpeas 100 grams, ginger 200 grams, wine 100 grams, cardamom, rock salt, lemon juice.

Method – Cut small pieces of cucumber, ginger and wine and keep them in water after opening them for 5-10 minutes, then after some time take out salt, juice etc. and keep it.


(1) Do not eat sour, curd, lassi etc.

(2) Patients suffering from chronic heart disease, patients suffering from kidney diseases should not use ginger.

(3) One who has burning sensation in urine or by eating ginger or drinking ginger tea should not use ginger.

(4) One who has a burning sensation in the stomach by eating ginger, who has a burning sensation in the stomach, should not use ginger or eat ice cream after eating to get rid of that burning sensation.

White leucorrhoea – If a person has burning sensation in the white leucorrhoea after eating ginger, then he should not eat ginger.


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