What rules should be made for healthy life?

Exercise by becoming relaxed and keeping the mind and body calm.

Accept the fact that you cannot stay young forever. Do exercise day and night. Embrace aging with pride.

Yoga practice is essential for good health and long life, but apart from this, it is also necessary to follow some general rules and precautions. By following these rules, precautions and information, the routine starts to settle and we can remain young for a long time.

Make a rule to get up before sunrise in the morning. For this, make a habit of sleeping early in the night. After getting up in the morning, after retiring from the toilet, take Ushapan. For heat, keep water in a copper vessel at night and drink about two glasses of water from it on an empty stomach in the morning. In the winter season, make the water lukewarm a little.


Before sunrise, retire from daily activities and practice yoga in an open environment.

Give importance to physical labor in your daily routine. Many diseases arise because we work more with the mind and less with the body. Give up laziness and engage in physical labor activities like walking, playing, climbing stairs, exercising, helping in household chores etc.

Be sure to drink at least two liters of water a day.

Eat food only when you are hungry. Eat a little less than you are hungry. Chew it well and eat it. Give up the nature of eating something or the other throughout the day. Drink plenty of fluids like milk, buttermilk, soup, juice, water etc.

Follow the laws of nature, because one cannot be healthy by “wrestling with nature”.

Make a rule of practicing yoga daily.


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