What are the benefits of drinking water and the right way to drink water?

Water constitutes two-thirds of the total weight of the human body. Our body consumes almost 2600 grams of water per day. 1500 grams of water is spent from the kidneys, 650 grams from the skin, 320 grams from the lungs and 130 grams from the feces, which is supplied by the water present in the food, yet to maintain the balance at least two and a half kilograms of water per day. It is necessary to drink. Water should be sipped slowly, not at once, so that it reaches the stomach according to the temperature of the body.


Purity of water – Put basil leaves in water. This keeps the water pure.

When not to drink water? – After eating hot food, cucumber, cantaloupe, cucumber, immediately after waking up, whether day or night, after with wife, after diarrhea, after taking milk or tea, immediately after coming from the sun. Must drink

When do you drink water? Drinking water before meals reduces digestion power, makes the body thin. By drinking 5-6 sips of water between meals, the food gets digested quickly. By drinking water immediately after the meal, the body starts bloating, becomes fat. Digestion and strength are reduced. Drinking water after an hour of meals gives strength to the stomach. Those who have loose stools, they should not drink water while eating.

When do you drink more water? – High blood pressure, hemorrhoids, fever, heatstroke, gonorrhea, urinary diseases, bloodshed, heart palpitations, constipation, burning in the stomach, etc., should drink more and more water.

how to drink water Instead of drinking water by placing a glass or vessel on the lips, the practice of drinking water by pouring it directly into the mouth is increasing. Due to this there is a possibility of stomach diseases. Drinking water from above or at the same time creates air defects in the alimentary canal from the mouth to the anus and the air rises up causing diseases like indigestion, sour belching, dyspepsia, nausea. Many diseases can be avoided if the glass is sipped and sipped on the lips.

How much water do you drink? We should drink at least eight liters of water. Doctors say that if you want to know its exact measurement, then multiply your body weight by 0.55. You should drink as much water as you want. If you work harder physically, multiply it by 0.66. It should be drunk even in times of illness, so that the cold reaches inside and the system of the body starts again. Only a healthy body can fight disease.

Healthy – Drinking water in small amounts frequently is considered beneficial for health. At the time of thirst, it is very harmful to drink water against the desire. Drink three sips of water before meals, bhajans and chanting. Three sips of water, make your body and mind pure. Drinking three sips of water in the morning after getting up from sleep and remembering the Lord and drinking three sips of water before going to sleep at night is healthy and destroyer of minor ailments. water only medicine

Healing of the eyes – After taking food, wash hands with water and rub both palms of wet hands together and apply on the eyes. By doing this regularly, there is never any disease in the eyes and if there is any disease then it goes away.

Eye-illuminant – Open, close the eyes repeatedly by dipping the face in a bucket filled with clean water. This increases the eyesight.

Bathing – Bathing in cold water than hot water is beneficial for everyone, even if the weather is cold, except for old and weak people. If a person’s heart is getting nervous and feeling restless, then taking a bath with cold water gives relief. Bath and tub bath with cold water is more beneficial in sleep disorders and semen diseases. Taking a bath in cold water gives stamina when one gets tired of climbing mountains.

A cold bath makes the body and mind feel more refreshed and pleasant.

Water steam must be given on the body once a week. Due to this the body gets cleaned, the pores are opened and the dirt of the body comes out and shines on the body.

Hemorrhage – By pouring cold water on the head by tying a torrent, it stops bleeding.

Indigestion – Water acts as a medicine in indigestion and drinking water after digestion of food increases strength in the body. Do not take a bath in cold water after working in front of a fire and after coming from the hot sun. This can damage the skin and vision.

How to reduce water blockage? During digestion, some harmful substances are also formed in the body. If these substances are not removed from the body, then it has a bad effect on health. When the amount of water in the body decreases, these substances remain in the body and cause harm to the body, such as nausea, loss of appetite, lethargy, headache, nervousness.

Prevention – To avoid these conditions, seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables and fibrous foods should be eaten in the diet.

In mouth pain, in tooth diseases, gargling salt with warm water ends the pain. In bleeding after tooth extraction, gargling with cold water stops the bleeding.

Cough – Put five drops of water in the palm and rub both the palms together, then massage from throat to chest, rib back from top to bottom for two minutes three times daily. Eat bitter gourd vegetable with it. The cough will be fine.

Asthma – In case of asthma attack, keep hands and feet immersed in warm water for ten minutes. It gives a lot of relief.

Waist obesity – Mixing five spoons of jamun vinegar in a glass of water and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning ends obesity in the waist.

Reducing obesity – The cells of our body swell in water in the same way as gram or rice in water. Dry these gram or rice. They will crack, dry up and shrink. Similarly, by consuming water and less watery food in obesity, obesity decreases. When there is thinness, more water and water-rich food should be taken. Remember obesity shortens life.

Those whose body has become fat and those who do not want to become too fat, they should always drink lukewarm water in large quantities. If a glass of lukewarm water is drunk before a meal, then the food cannot be overdone. Boil 125 grams of water and cool it. When it remains lukewarm, then mixing three spoons of lemon juice and two-three spoons of honey in it ends obesity. No matter how much fat has increased in the body, the body becomes shapely after decreasing. After getting rid of stomach diseases, appetite becomes sharp. Take this in the morning on an empty stomach for a couple of months.

Special – Eat light food and once a day. Eating bran bread is beneficial. Eat green vegetables exclusively. Take fruits only in the evening. Do not take water with food. Drink some water one hour after the meal. Reduce the intake of tea, coffee, fat enhancers and sweets as much as possible.

Drink a cup of boiling hot water as hot as possible immediately after the meal both times, take small sips like tea slowly. If you want, you can take a few sips of cold water in between meals. In this way, by consuming hot water immediately after eating, the body becomes balanced by reducing obesity. But this use of hot water should not be done for more than two consecutive months. With this use, fat will start decreasing in two months. In the opinion of Dr. Lucas, the best way is to boil three glasses of water with a pinch of salt and drink one glass of this water in the morning on a hungry stomach, the second in the afternoon and the third at night before sleeping.

Increase in obesity of children – Keep fresh water in the sun for four hours. Then by bathing the children regularly at a fixed time, the child becomes fat.

Hot water – Loss of fat, Gases, Constipation, Colitis, Amoebiasis, Worm, Rib pain, Cold, Epilepsy, Throat diseases, After diarrhoea, New fever, Convulsions, Breathing, Cough, Hiccups, Smoothies, Food Drinking a glass of hot water after meals, as hot as possible, is cured by continuous drinking.

By drinking a glass (half liter) of hot water like tea in the morning, a person always remains free from cold, cough, nausea, hoarseness, sneezing, headache, constipation, indigestion etc. If juice of half a lemon is squeezed in that hot water, then appetite is also good at times and there is no gas and rot in the stomach. Drinking warm water in the morning will not cure cold and cough during winter.

In case of cough and cold due to the change of season, drinking lukewarm water and eating a diet is the best treatment. Young children can be massaged with a towel soaked in warm water. If a sprain occurs at any place, then from the second day after the sprain, put it in hot water and bake it, it is beneficial in the match. ,

By drinking hot water – it helps in getting the enlarged stomach right after delivery. Consumption of hot water is very beneficial for obese patients, arthritis and joint pain and swelling. Due to this, uric acid and toxic parts are removed from the body by coming in excess of urine. More gas stops being produced. There is no constipation, the toilet comes openly. Stool does not rot in the intestines. Worms do not originate in the stomach. Weakness of stomach and intestines, flatulence, inflammation of the stomach, dysentery etc. diseases are destroyed. The liver gets power. The menstrual irregularities of the woman are removed. The dark circles under the eyes and the unsightliness of the face are removed and the complexion shines clearly. The waist becomes beautiful.

Breakfast to reduce obesity – Take apples and carrots with peel, grate both of them in approximately equal quantities, separately. Eat these Lachhas in the morning on an empty stomach, during breakfast, as much as you can, or eat two hundred grams. Do not eat anything for two hours after eating it. Due to this, where energy and energy will be transmitted in the body, unnecessary fat will be reduced there, the blood will become clean and form will be improved.

To increase obesity – eat the same dose (ie, apples and carrots with grated rind, made by grated carrots) after lunch. If your weight is falling or you are feeling weak, then it will be of immense benefit.

Put cold water bandage – soak a napkin, thick cloth in water, squeeze it and place it on the stomach. Keep it tied for an hour with a dry cloth on top. Open it after an hour. It is beneficial in diseases like acidity, liver disease, ulcers in the stomach, pain in menstruation etc. Kapalbhati Pranayama, Kunjal Kriya are also beneficial.

Headache – If there is a headache due to cold, then put your feet in lukewarm water and sit for about half an hour. This will cure headache and also provide relief in cold.

Back pain – drink warm water. If the water is to be drunk cold, then add five basil leaves or two small cardamoms to the water and boil the water. Drink boiled water in the morning till evening and boiled water in the evening till morning. Drink cold water like this. It is beneficial in back pain. If there is swelling and pain in the body and feet, then putting a little salt in lukewarm water and sitting on the feet for half an hour brings relief.


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