Special health tips for youth

If you are thinking of making your health, then the first thing you need to do is to improve your routine. He also needs to keep his stomach clean. If there is constipation in the stomach, then consume so many nutritious foods, it will not be beneficial.


Food should be eaten on time and after chewing, so that the digestive power remains fine, then nutritious food or medicine should be taken. Acharya Charak has said that there should be semen in the body of a man and ooze in the body of a woman, only then there is radiance and radiance on the face and the body looks strong.

Here we are giving information about some such nutritious foods, which people from adolescence to puberty can take advantage of and become strong-

At bedtime, a glass of sweet, warm milk mixed with one spoon of pure ghee should be drunk.

Milk cream and powdered sugar candy should be mixed according to the need, it is very powerful.

Grind an almond on a stone and mix it with milk and drink it, it gives immense strength. Use only after grinding almonds.

Fresh butter extracted from buttermilk and sugar candy should be eaten, do not drink water from above at all.

Cooking 50 grams of urad dal in half a liter of milk, making kheer, gives immense strength. This kheer strengthens the whole body.

Eating one loaf of milk and two-three bananas together in the morning gives strength, radiance increases.

Mix one spoon of Asangand powder and one spoon of sugar candy and take it in the morning and at night with one loaf of lukewarm water, rinse after taking at night and go to sleep. Changes will be visible in 40 days.

Take a spoonful of white musli or dholi musli powder, which is self-crushing, and a spoonful of ground sugar candy with a loaf of lukewarm milk before going to bed in the morning and at night. It is extremely powerful.


Eat apple, pomegranate, banana or whatever seasonal fruits after meals in the morning and evening.

Drinking one cup of cold milk mixed with one tablespoon of honey in the morning purifies the blood, increases the amount of blood in the body.

Mix 2 spoons of onion juice, 1 spoon of honey, quarter spoon of ghee and consume it and see the miracle of power yourself. This recipe is perfect in increasing sexual power.

The above remedies are the same for both men and women. They should be consumed in proper quantity in the morning and night.


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