What are the benefits of lemon juice?

1- Drinking lemon shikanji in pure honey removes obesity.

Dry disease is cured by the consumption of lemon.

Taking one tola each of lemon juice and honey provides relief in asthma.


Migraine is cured by grinding lemon peel and applying its paste on the forehead.

5- Sprinkle ground black pepper in lemon and suck it after heating it a little, it provides relief in malarial fever.

Taking a bath by mixing salt in 6-lemon juice enhances the color of the skin and increases beauty.

7- Grinding Nausadar with lemon juice and applying it cures ringworm.

8- Grinding lemon seeds and applying it cures baldness.

If there is deafness, add cinnamon oil to lemon juice.

Squeeze lemon in 10-half cup carrot juice and drink it, the lack of blood will be removed.

11- Mix two drops of lemon in two spoons of almond oil and apply it on the wound several times a day with the help of cotton, the wound will be cured very soon.

12- Drinking one spoon lemon juice and one spoon olive oil before breakfast every day gets rid of stones.


13- Apply lemon juice with cotton on the bitten or bitten part of an animal, it will be beneficial.

14- Drinking a glass of warm water by adding lemon to it is good for Panchana.

15- Lemon also shows miraculous effect in blood pressure, cough, constipation and pain.

16- Experts say that lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein and carbohydrates.

17- Experts say that if blood oozes from the gums, then applying lemon juice on the affected area makes the gums healthy.

18- Gargling with lemon juice mixed with water opens the throat.

19- Drinking lemon juice mixed with water also prevents skin diseases, so the skin keeps glowing, pimples and acne are also removed from it and also prevents wrinkles.

20- Lemon juice keeps blood pressure balanced.

If the amount of vitamin C in the body is reduced, then problems like anemia, joint pain, dental disease, pyuria, cough and asthma can occur. The quantity of vitamin C in lemon is very high. Therefore, it helps you to stay away from these diseases.

22- In case of upset stomach, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, drinking lemon juice mixed with a little carom seeds, cumin, asafoetida, black pepper and salt will give you great relief.


23- If you are feeling tired due to fever in summer or if you have pain in back and arms, then you have lemon remedy. Mix ten drops of basil leaves juice, four black peppercorns and two peepli powders in a spoonful of lemon juice. Take it as two doses in the morning and evening.

Acne on the face is a common problem. To remove it, rub sandalwood in lemon juice and apply a paste. If ringworm has happened, then rub icing on this paste, you will get relief.

25- Many times the body feels very tired after traveling long distances. In such a situation, squeeze two lemons in a glass of water and soak 50 grams of raisins in it. After soaking overnight, churn raisins in water in the morning. Drink this water four times a day. This will give energy and the fitness of the body will also be maintained.

26- Many times sleep is not possible due to excessive fatigue and disturbance. If you are also struggling with this problem, then try Lemon Remedy. Before sleeping at night, massage mustard oil on the hands, feet, forehead, temples and behind the ears. After this, rub a clove in a little lemon juice and lick it. By doing this you will fall asleep very quickly.

27-Obesity nowadays troubles every other person. To get rid of it, mix lemon juice and some salt in radish juice and take it regularly. Fat will go away.

28- If the memory has become weak, then grind the kernel, dry ginger powder and sugar candy and mix it with lemon juice. Then lick it slowly with your finger.

29-Everyone wants to look beautiful. If you also want the same, then prepare a lotion by mixing one teaspoon gram flour, half teaspoon wheat flour, half teaspoon rose water and half teaspoon lemon juice. Gently rub it on the face. Your face will glow in a few days.

30- As far as possible, use papery yellow colored lemons. You can add two pinches of rock salt or black salt to it. These tips have been sent by our reader Meenu Mohle.


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