What are the benefits of eating MANGO ?

cancer prevention :

The antioxidant present in mango is beneficial in preventing colon cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer. It contains many such elements like quercetin, astragalin and fisetin which are helpful in preventing cancer.


Eyes are bright :

Mango is rich in Vitamin A, which is a boon for the eyes. Due to this, the light of the eyes remains.

keeping cholesterol in check :

Mango is rich in fiber and vitamin C. This helps in balancing the bad cholesterol.

is beneficial for the skin :

Applying a pack of mango pulp or rubbing it on the face improves the face and vitamin C also protects against infection.

in maintaining proper digestion :

Mangoes contain many enzymes that work to break down proteins. Due to this the food gets digested quickly. Along with this, the citric acid, tartaric acid present in it keeps the alkaline elements balanced within the body.

in reducing fat :

Mango is also a good remedy to reduce obesity. Fibers present in mango kernels are very beneficial in reducing excess body fat. After eating mango, there is less appetite, which reduces the risk of overeating.

boosting immunity :

Eating mango also increases the immunity of the body.


to increase sex drive :

Vitamin E is found more in mango and it increases sex ability. Along with this, it is also considered to be a virility-enhancing fruit.

aids in memory :

People who have amnesia should consume mangoes. An element called glutamine acid found in it acts as a catalyst in increasing memory power. Along with this, blood cells are also activated by this. That is why pregnant women are advised to eat mangoes.

heat protection In summer:

if you have to go out of the house in the afternoon, then go out after drinking a glass of mango water. You will neither feel sun nor heat. Mango water balances the water level in the body, due to which it is the best summer drink.


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