What are the benefits of eating KIWI ?

Kiwi fruit is rich in medicinal properties, it is beneficial in many types of diseases, eating kiwi fruit keeps digestion power fine, it is very beneficial in fever, it is also helpful in reducing platelets in the state of fever, increasing them in the body. It is beneficial in various types of diseases like heart disease, eye related problems, skin related diseases, stomach related disorders etc.


To reduce cholesterol –

Kiwi fruit is very beneficial in reducing the increased cholesterol, eating kiwi fruit after a meal is helpful in controlling cholesterol.

For heart-

Kiwi fruit is very beneficial for the heart, eating kiwi improves blood circulation properly. Eating kiwi fruit before eating food is very beneficial in heart disease, it dilutes the blood, it strengthens the muscles. Gives proper circulation of blood

Ophthalmic diseases-

It is very beneficial for eye diseases, which are less visible from the eyes, there are such vitamins present inside the kiwi fruit, which are beneficial in increasing our eyesight, eating kiwi in other eye diseases also benefits It happens


Skin diseases-

Eating kiwi fruit is beneficial in skin diseases if the skin remains dry.

Stomach related diseases –

Kiwi fruit is beneficial in stomach related disorders, due to the presence of fiber in kiwi fruit, relieves constipation, it increases digestive power, removes stool-urinary disorders

Insomnia Diseases –

Those who have trouble with insomnia, nervousness and restlessness persist, there are such elements in kiwi fruit that are helpful in bringing sleep. It comes deep, so kiwi fruit is very beneficial even in insomnia disease.


Pregnant woman-

Kiwi fruit is very beneficial for women who are pregnant, Vitamin C, iron and vitamin E present in kiwi fruit is very beneficial for pregnant woman and her baby. Increases the ability of pregnant woman and child to fight diseases. By eating kiwi fruit, the lack of blood in women is removed, the body becomes healthy and healthy.


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