Mystery of Amazon Forest

Amazon Forest

Amazon Jungle is the largest rain forest in the world. Which is spread over a large area of ​​the Amazon basin of South America continent. Let us tell you that the Amazon forest is also called the Lungs of our Earth, because 20% of the oxygen of our Earth comes from the Amazon forests.


Do you know that the Amazon forest is so big that our country of India can fit twice in it, because this forest is spread over 55 lakh square kilometers. It is said about this forest spread from South America to Brazil that if the Amazon jungle was a country, it would be the 9th largest country in the world.

For your information, let us tell you that the Amazon forest is spread in 9 countries. Out of which about 60% of this forest is spread over Brazil, 13% Peru, 10% Colombia and the rest in Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia, Suriname and French Guiana. This shows how vast this forest is.

Let us tell you that you can see one-third of the number of creatures on earth together in the jungles of Amazon. There are more than 4 billion trees in the Amazon Jungle, in which there are more than 17 thousand different tree species. This tree is so big and dense that even sunlight cannot reach the earth.


Do you know that only the Amazon rainforest alone accounts for 62 percent of the forests spread in the world, and the Amazon forest covers 4 percent of the total area of ​​the whole world.

The Mystery of the Amazon River

Amazon River In Hindi The Amazon river flowing north of the Amazon forest passes through the middle of the forest, it is also called the oxygen of the Amazon. This river is a network of many waterways. Explain that the Amazon River is the second longest river in the world after the Nile, with a length of 6400 km. The Amazon River is the largest river in the world in terms of drainage system, and this river takes a terrible form during the rains, and at some places, this river widens to 190 km, due to which one end of this river The second one is not even visible. Let us tell you that 20% of the world’s fresh water is found only in the Amazon River.


Do you know that Amazon river receives water from more than 1100 tributaries, out of which 17 rivers are more than 1000 miles long There is not a single bridge or bridge over it.

Amazon’s Jungle is equipped with a very rich ecosystem. About 40 thousand species of plants, 17 thousand species of trees, 1300 species of birds and 430 species of mammals are found here.

10 percent of the world’s animal species are found in the Amazon rainforest. In which 25 lakh types of insects are found. More than 5000 species of fish and more than 3000 species of spiders are found only.


There is a city called Aquatos City located in the Amazon jungle, to which there is no road to reach, hence it is also known as Secret City. This city is situated in a very inaccessible place amidst the Amazon rainforest, which has a population of more than 4 lakhs.

It is said that the Amazon forest was discovered 11200 years ago. And the Amazon jungle has existed for 55 million years.

Tribal tribes of Amazon jungle

For your information, let us tell you that the Amazon jungle is considered very dangerous for the people of the outside world. It is said that the world’s most dangerous tribes and tribal tribes reside in these forests. Those who do not like at all that some outsider should come and peep in their area.


Let us tell you that many explorers have lost their lives in these forests, because about 400 to 500 primitive tribes live in the Amazon forest. It is believed that fifty of these tribes are such that they have no contact with the outside world. Let us tell you that the name of the Amazon jungle is ‘Amazon’ by a Spanish explorer Francisco Orellana. The word Amazon is derived from the name Amazons from Greek mythology, which literally means “race of female warriors”.

In 2007, a man named Martin Staile swam across the entire length of the Amazon River. Martin used to do water for ten hours every day for 66 days to complete this wonderful jungle journey. Do you know that due to the thickness of the branches and leaves of the trees of the Amazon Rainforest, most of the forest area is covered with darkness, and this forest is so dense that when it rains, it takes about ten minutes for the rain water to reach the ground.


Amazon Boiling River

Let us tell you that there is also a river in the Amazon forest, whose water is more than 110 degrees Celsius hot. Sometimes this water appears to be boiling. If a person accidentally enters this river, he will die at that very moment. The name of this river is SHANAY TIMPISHKA, which is also known as Boiling River by the people there. This river was discovered by a scientist named Andrés Rujo. Seeing this river, his senses were also blown away. Because till today the hot river had not been seen anywhere before.

The Amazon jungle is the origin of 80% of the varieties of foods found around the world. More than 3000 types of fruits that grow in the Amazon are edible for humans. One-fourth of the world’s western medicine is made from the material of the Amazon forest, which contains about 70% of medicinal plants, which are used against dangerous diseases like cancer.


Amazon Jungle Animals

Friends, now we will know about the most dangerous and poisonous animals found in the Amazon forest. Amazon jungle may look cool and pleasant to you, but you can fall ill here, because the mosquitoes and insects found here are very poisonous and dangerous. Sometimes people get so sick from their bites that it becomes difficult to save them.

1. Bullet Ant

Friends bullet ant Like the rest of the birds, it is very small to look but its sting is very dangerous, after its bite there is unbearable pain. Let us tell you that this letter is called Buland Aunt because when this letter is cut, then that pain is like a bullet. Maybe that’s why it is called Bullet Aunt. Sometimes its bite also causes high fever. And these ants are found in very large quantities in Amazon.


2. Tarantula spider

Let us tell you that there are more than 3000 spider species found in the Amazon jungle. Out of which the tarantula spider is considered to be the most dangerous spider here. It is said that when this spider bites, it releases a lot of poison and if the victim’s luck is good, then he gets saved, otherwise God is the master. Let us tell you that the hair of this spider is also so dangerous that if it gets in your eyes, then it will burst like a mirror. However, apart from the tarantula spider, there are many dangerous and poisonous spiders found in the Amazon.

3. Piranha Fish (Pirana Fish)

More than 5000 species of fish are found in the Amazon river flowing through the forest. Such a fish is also found here, whose body generates electricity up to 800 volts, and it is known as Electric eel. Let us tell you that here you will easily get to see Piranha Fish, one of the most dangerous fish in the world, which easily kills its prey with its sharp teeth.


4. Poisonous Frog (Poisonous Frog)

There are also 100 types of poisonous frogs found in the Amazon jungle. These small frogs with golden and bright colored skin look very beautiful in appearance, but these frogs are very dangerous, in which there is poison to kill ten people. You will get to see this frog in many different colors and it is visible in more quantity during the rainy season. Those who know about them always keep their distance from them.

5. Anaconda (Anaconda)

Friends, you must have seen Anaconda many times in Hollywood movies, which is the most dangerous and biggest in the world. Let us tell you that you will be able to easily see the Anaconda in the Amazon rainforest and the amazon river. Anacondas 30 to 40 feet long are found in the Amazon forests, which can easily escape from sheep.


6. Jaguar (Jaguar)

Jaguars are also found in the Amazon Rainforest, it is a type of leopard species, which silently attack animals and humans, although they like to stay away from humans. But when it is angry, it becomes a lion of the Amazon.

7. Harpy Eagle

There are many species of birds found in the Amazon jungle, and it is home to around a third of the world’s birds, of which the bird named Harpy Eagle is the most dangerous. The length of the wings of this bird is 7.5 feet and its hymn ranges from 6 to 7 kg, it can easily fly by lifting an animal like a monkey, because it can fly by clutching a prey weighing twice its weight. . However, this species is now slowly on the verge of extinction.


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