Medicinal properties of Honey

Sometimes we get nervous even in a simple disease, but if we know a little about home remedies, then it can be easily treated immediately. From the treasures of grandmothers, we have brought some such wonderful, simple and easy tips, by adopting which you can also get a healthy body:


Mixing honey in ginger juice or a decoction of fenugreek gives relief in cough.

Mixing honey with ripe mango juice is beneficial in jaundice.

  • Children who are forbidden to consume sugar, honey can be given in place of sugar.
  • The use of honey with mint juice is beneficial during vomiting (vomiting).
  • Rubbing on dry skin by mixing honey, milk cream and gram flour. With this, the dryness of the skin will be removed and it will get beauty.
  • Dissolving honey in a glass of milk without adding sugar and drinking it at night, removes leanness and makes the body shapely, strong and strong.
  • Daily consumption of honey provides strength to the weak stomach and intestines.
  • Licking onion juice and honey mixed in equal quantity, removes phlegm and destroys worms by removing foreign matter from the intestines.
  • Dissolving it in water and taking an enema is beneficial.
  • Honey is a great enhancer for the arteries of the heart. Drinking a glass of water mixed with honey and lemon juice at the time of sleeping brings strength to the weak heart.
  • Small stomach wounds and ulcers of the initial condition can be cured by taking honey with milk or tea.
  • Consuming equal quantity of honey and lemon juice is beneficial in dry cough.
  • Honey strengthens the muscles. Consuming honey with garlic is beneficial in increased blood pressure.
  • Licking ginger juice and honey in equal quantity ends shortness of breath and stops hiccups.
  • Make a powder of orange peels and mix two spoons of honey in it, prepare udder and rub it on the skin. Due to this the skin glows and becomes radiant.
  • In constipation, take one spoon of honey in tomato or orange juice, it will be beneficial.

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