Amazing facts of Love

The word love is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘lubhavati’ which means desire.

The symbol ‘heart’ ♥ has been used to represent love since 1250.


‘I LOVE YOU’ is the most spoken sentence in the world to express love. Very few people express love in their own language.

Love has its own importance in life, if there is no love in one’s life then he can be a victim of depression and loneliness.

Most of the people spend 6.8% of their life time with their loved one.

According to scientists, a man falls in love about 7 times before marriage. Our brain takes only 4 minutes to decide whether we like someone or not.

When you become very close to someone, you also hear the messages sent by him in his voice.


The more you talk to someone, the more likely you are to fall in love with them. If a girl strokes her hair while talking to you, it means she likes you.

When you walk with someone, you walk at a normal speed. Whereas when lover and girlfriend walk together, they walk slowly. The reason is that they like to spend more and more time with each other.

Love marriage among ordinary people started from the 18th century.

According to scientific survey, a beautiful face is considered more attractive than a good body.

It has been scientifically proven that a person falling in love is not able to give full attention to his work, which affects his ability to work.


It is impossible to be angry with the person you love dearly.

According to psychologists, the more we try to hide love, the more it is exposed.

Love is the most important part of any human being’s life. Years of research at Harvard University shows that successful and unsuccessful love can make or break your life.

Couples whose many habits are very similar to each other, their relationship does not last long.

If your heart is broken and your heart wants to cry a lot, don’t stop it, let it cry. Shortly after crying, positive thoughts will arise in you to fight the problem.


After getting cheated by loved ones, people are not able to trust anyone else 100 percent even if they want. When we look at the person we love, the pupils of our eyes enlarge by up to 45%.

When our lover ignores us, the same chemical secretions in our brain that are there when we are hurt.

In a research it was found that when a person experiences pain and at that time if he sees the image of his lover or girlfriend, then the pain is reduced to a great extent.

According to a research, when people are in love with each other, their heart starts beating together in just 3 minutes of looking into each other’s eyes.

A research has revealed that the relationship of couples who hug each other for more than 20 seconds is good and long lasting.


A small message sent by someone special can instantly release you from stress and change your whole mood.

Falling in love is even more dangerous than the world’s most dangerous drug ‘cocaine’ because both of these have a very fatal effect on our brain.

Oxytocin, sometimes known as the ‘love hormone’, is most commonly produced in our bodies when we are with our lover. Recent research has revealed that ‘Oxytocin’ can cure problems like headache, loneliness in a few moments.

Scientists believe that love creates a place in the human mind where he feels supreme happiness. These are the same feelings as drug addicts feel.

You will be surprised to know that 2% of couples around the world express their love for the first time in a mall or supermarket.

Out of those who fall in love online, 23 percent of the couples get married later.


Couples who watch comedy movies together or laugh more together, the bond between them is stronger and more satisfying.

According to psychology, there is no man in the world who is attracted to only one woman.

Do you know that girls usually can’t make eye contact with a person they like a lot for a long time.

A research has found that a romantic relationship does not last more than 1 year.

Men feel the most pain after a breakup.

The likes and dislikes of two loving people gradually start becoming alike. When we meet someone who loves us, we start getting influenced by his words and actions.

According to psychology, if you ever break your heart, it can even take your life. Because too many stress hormones can collect and stop your heartbeat.


It is believed that ‘I love you’ is said most often in the month of November.

When you are afraid of falling in love with someone, it is called ‘Philophobia’. Having a romantic relationship with someone is a mental illness called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

‘Erotomania’ is the mental state in which a person thinks that a celebrity is in love with him.

Some people say that they have never felt romantic love. This is because they suffer from a very strange disease called Hypopituitarism which does not allow them to experience romantic love.

When you are in a romantic mood, your brain works less.

According to studies, people who have stability in love life, their professional life is comparatively more successful. Such people earn more money, get promotion and feel satisfied with their job.

Most people completely change after falling in love.


According to one information, young people between 18 and 22 years fall in love more. Cases of breakup have also been seen in this age. Those whose age is 22 to 28 years, those people become more cautious and move towards love. After 28, few young people think about love, it is believed that by then they have understood worldliness.

The longer two lovers hide their love from the world, the more love grows between them. In fact, due to non-interference of any third, misunderstandings between them are reduced and they are able to play their love better.

Every day around 3 million people all over the world go on a date with their partner.

90% of men express their love by saying ‘I love you’. The figure of women is not included in this, because this initiative is usually done by men.

In brain scans, researchers found that getting out of a breakup is the same thing as getting out of an addiction.

Sometimes we get frustrated for no reason, the main reason could be that someone special is not with us.


People who are struggling, job seekers or living away from home tend to fall in love more quickly than well-settled people in life.

The wedding ring is worn on the third finger of our left hand because it is the only finger whose nerves are directly connected to our heart.

There is a price to be paid for loving, after falling in love, at least 2 friends definitely get away from you.

Research conducted around the world has shown that men suffer the most after heartbreak.

The girlfriend of Gary Kremen, the founder of MATCH.COM, who tied couples around the world, had left him. In whose sorrow he started this website. This anecdote learns that infidelity doesn’t always ruin a person.

Many animals spend their whole life with only one partner. They also follow the rule of a partner.

When you are in a happy relationship, your personality shines through. When we love someone, we learn to care and respect others. We don’t want to do anything that hurts our partner. In the midst of all these efforts, we start becoming a better person.


In 2014, an inmate in Arizona escaped from prison to visit his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

An Argentine farmer spent his entire life cultivating a ‘guitar’-shaped field in memory of his late wife.

Before the advent of the Internet, LOL used to mean Lots of Love.


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