Amazing facts of Laughing

1. Man is born with the ability to laugh. All pronunciations such as “ha-ha”, “ho-ho”, or “hee-hee” are part of the universal human definition, and are recognized by all human cultures.


2. The age at which we laugh the most is usually the 5th and 6th years.

3. According to researchers, humans often laugh before speaking something.

4. You will be surprised to know that monkeys and rats also laugh.

5. Research shows that couples who laugh together are more likely to have a strong relationship for a long time.

6. Laughter is a natural verb. Our brain activates the facial muscles just by watching people laugh.

7. Laughing for just 10-15 minutes a day can burn up to 40 calories.

8. Laughter synchronizes the mind of both the speaker and the listener so that they become emotionally attached.

9. ‘Gelotophobia’ is a type of laughter and social phobia. About 13% of the population suffers from Gelotophobia.

10. Research shows that people who laugh at dark humor jokes have a higher IQ.


11. Gelatology is a study of laughter and its effects on the body from a psychological and physiological point of view.

12. You cannot make yourself laugh by tickling yourself. Your brain already pre-informs your body that a tickle is about to happen, so it’s impossible to surprise yourself.

13. Laughter is not the main reason to laugh, but to have a conversation with another person.

14. Even forcing yourself to smile or laugh can improve your mood.

15. There is no formula to make someone laugh. Researchers generally explain that what makes us laugh is when we expect one thing and then that expectation quickly pops up in his or her brain.

16. Chances of dying from laughter are rare. Laughing too much can cause brain aneurysm, asthma attack, gelistic seizure or asphyxia.

17. Women are generally more interested in men who make them laugh, and men are more interested in women who laugh at their jokes.

18. Personal ads for both men and women cited humor more often than education, intelligence or occupation.

19. When babies are 3 to 5 months old, then babies usually start laughing.


20. Plato (an ancient Greek philosopher) thought that undisciplined laughter could endanger the state.

21. Children born blind and deaf are also capable of laughing.

22. Laughter improves heart health and is beneficial in increasing blood flow.

23. Laughter too much can cause sudden loss of life or muscle weakness suddenly and uncontrollably.

24. Laughter is a type of yoga practice which is a mixture of laughing, deep breathing and playful exercises.

25. Nervous laughter, such as a courtesy laugh, is a type of conscious laughter that tries to escalate a potentially worrying situation more quickly.

26. ‘Agelast’ is called a person who rarely or never laughs.

27. Laughter can bring people together. It can also be used as a weapon to humiliate and humiliate someone.


28. Laughter, such as nervous laughter, is often used as a defense mechanism against anxiety or fear.

29. Laughter increases immunity.

30. Laughter reduces pain, lowers blood sugar levels, increases glucose tolerance in diabetics and non-diabetics, improves job performance and enthusiasm of employees, and brings people together brings.


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