Effective ways to increase Appetite

The fire of our body works to digest the food that is eaten, if this fire slows down due to some reason, then the food is not digested properly.


Due to which the appetite stops and complaints of indigestion, dyspepsia, air disorders and bile etc., the appetite stops, the body starts breaking down, the taste gets worse, feeling of heaviness in the stomach starts, due to upset stomach, the mind starts to deteriorate or understand that the body The entire system of the body gets spoiled, for this one should always avoid delusions and these medicines should be used in case of painIf there is no appetite, taking half a cup of puffed suhaga in a cup of lukewarm water two or three times, it ends hunger.

  1. Licking black salt eliminates gas and increases appetite, this salt also cleans the stomach.
  2. Taking the powder of myrobalan with dry ginger and jaggery or with rock salt is useful to cure heartburn.
  3. Make a powder by grinding a mixture of rock salt, asafoetida and triphala, take old jaggery equal to this powder, mix it inside all the powder and make small tablets, start taking one or two tablets with fresh water daily, these pills are taken after eating food. Digestion will also increase and hunger will also increase.
  1. Taking myrobalan with neem leaves increases appetite and also destroys the skin diseases of the body.
  2. Make a powder of harad jaggery and dry ginger and take it daily with little whey, it opens up the appetite.
  3. Taking buttermilk daily ends melancholy.
  4. Lick dry ginger powder mixed with ghee and drink plenty of hot water, it ends hunger.
  5. Eating peeled ginger with rock salt every day before taking food increases appetite.
  6. Make two ratti tablets by grinding red chilli in lemon juice for forty days, taking one tablet daily increases appetite.
  7. Make roti by mixing rock salt and carom seeds in wheat bran, it increases appetite.
  8. Moth dal is the destroyer of malaise and fever.
  9. By throwing one and a half grams of sambhar salt every morning, the traces of yellowing and burning of water will disappear.
  1. By sucking on ripe tomato slices, hunger is opened.
  2. Take out the pulp of two dates and cook it in 300 grams of milk, after the leaves of the dates come out, drink the milk, it digests the food and also gives hunger.
  3. Take cumin, dry ginger, small peepal and black pepper in equal parts, mix some asafetida in it, then grind all these very finely and make a powder by mixing one spoon part of this powder in buttermilk and start drinking daily after taking it for two weeks, it will benefit in any constipation.
  4. Drinking juice of a mixture of beetroot, carrot, tomato, cabbage, spinach and other green vegetables and legumes, half an hour before the meal, increases appetite.
  5. Consuming apple also increases appetite and purifies the blood.
  6. Grind forty grams of carom seeds and ten grams of rock salt and keep them in a clean bottle by throwing two grams of powder in it daily in the morning and drink water from above, this will increase appetite and will also end diseases related to vata.
  1. Soak a loaf of fennel in water, then cook it by mixing four times the sugar candy in this water. Licking this syrup increases appetite.
  2. Make a decoction of ripe sweet tamarind leaves, rock salt or black salt, black pepper and asafetida and drink it, it cures heartburn.
  3. Licking one gram powder of nutmeg with honey, strengthens the gastritis, it cures indigestion.
  4. Fennel, dry ginger and sugar candy should be taken daily with fresh water by taking equal parts, it strengthens the digestive power.
  5. Taking powder of Jawakhar and dry ginger with hot water, it ends mellowness.
  6. Taking litchi before meals increases digestion power and appetite.
  7. Pomegranate is also an appetizer, consuming it increases appetite.
  8. Drinking lemon juice mixed with water daily increases appetite.
  9. Drinking half a glass of pineapple juice before meals increases appetite.
  10. Eating kernels of watermelon seeds increases appetite.
  11. The fruit or juice of beel is also an appetite booster.
  12. Eating tamarind leaf chutney increases appetite and food is also digested.
  13. Mix vinegar, dry ginger, black salt, roasted honey and puffed asafetida in the mixture, it increases appetite after eating daily.
  14. Make a powder by taking equal quantity of dry mint, big cardamom, dry ginger, fennel, rose flowers, coriander, white cumin, pomegranate, plum and myrtle.
  1. Grind one gram red chili with ginger and lemon juice, then make tablets equal to black pepper, sucking this pill increases appetite.

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