What are the benefits of eating neem leaves ?

Introduction :

1. It is also known as Nimba (Sanskrit), Neem (Hindi), Nim (Bengali), Kadulimb (Marathi), Limdo (Gujarati), Bembu (Tamil), Beya (Telugu), Azad Darakht (Arabic) and Melia Azadirachta (Latin). ) They say.


2. Neem tree is 40-50 feet high, with many branches and branches and is dense. The wood of the stem is simple. The bark is black, thick and rough. The leaves are pointed, scaly, 3-4 fingers long and 1-1 fingers wide on the long spines at the end of small twigs. With the emergence of new leaves, small, yellowish-white colored flowers come (Baur, Nimbamanjari). Its fruits are small, greenish in shape, and yellow when ripe. The fruit contains one seed.

3. It is found everywhere in India. Chemical Composition: Neem bark contains bitter, resinous essence, margosin volatile oil, gum, white tar, sugar and tannin. Leaves have less bitter substance. Margosa oil contains 40 percent sulfur content in the seed. The bitter substance in the liquor (toddy) is 60 percent. The oil is more effective than all the parts of neem.

Properties of Neem:

It is bitter, astringent in taste, bitter and mild when digested. It mainly has a kandudhana (skin-healing) effect on the skin-sensory. It is disinfectant, inflammatory, abdominal dewormer, ulcer-repellent (wound-healer), pain-sedative, tasty, blood purifier, expectorant, diuretic, antipyretic, antipyretic, antipyretic, beneficial for the eyes and is strong.


Use of neem :

1. Anomalous fever:

Taking 21 pieces of neem leaves and 21 pieces of black pepper after grinding them in 6 tolas of water after filtering them and giving them some heat, it cures fever in two-three days.

2. Vomiting:

If there is vomiting in fever, then burn neem wood and quench it in water and drink the same water. This stops the flow of phlegm.

3. Inflammation:

If there is a burning sensation in fever, then grind neem leaves and mix honey with water and give it. This reduces fever and stops vomiting.

4. Masurica:

Grind soft leaves of neem and black pepper in equal quantity and make a tablet equal to gram. In the days of chickenpox, taking 1 tablet with water in the morning does not cure chicken pox. Even boils and pimples do not come out with the consumption of two weeks.

5. Caterpillar:

Mix honey in the juice of neem bark and take it in the morning, it provides relief in gout.

6. Vatarakta:

Taking neem-leaf and patol-patra’s quath mixed with honey provides relief in gout.


7. Worm diseases:

Taking the juice of neem leaves with honey destroys stomach worms.

8. Chitta Pitta:

After roasting neem leaves in ghee and eating gooseberry mixed with it, there is definite benefit in cold bile, boils, wounds, acidity and blood disorders.

9. Dental disease:

Taking decoction of bark of neem root does not cure dental disease. It is especially beneficial in Peoria.

10. Alopecia-Palitya:

Taking nasya of neem-seed oil for 1 month and taking only milk causes black hair and fall hair grows.

11. Antivenom:

By giving the kernels of neem-fruits with hot water, the effect of the poison disappears immediately.

12. Arsh:

Grind the kernels of 10-12 neem-fruits and take it with curd, after eating the kernels, eat curd or eat the kernels mixed with jaggery after making a tablet. With this, the bleeding stops in piles in two days. This experiment is fully realized.

13. Child fever:

Mixing ghee with dry leaves of neem and giving incense to children ends fever.

14. Leprosy:

Grind neem leaves and take it with water for 6 months continuously, all types of leprosy are removed. Be sure to consume ghee with it.


15. Vaginal discharge:

If the vagina remains wet due to thick discharge, then boil neem leaves and wash them with that water (do a douching). Then burn neem-bark on fire and give its smoke. Due to this, the odor of the vagina is removed by removing it and it becomes hard.

16. Vaginal colic:

Make a bundle after soaking and grinding neem seeds and placing it on the vagina, it ends vaginal colic.

17. Refinement:

When the boil is cooked and the mouth is small, then grinding neem leaves and tying a poultice is cured.


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