Amazing facts of Chocolate

  • Chocolate is made from a tree called cocoa, which was discovered 4000 years ago in the rain forests of America.
  • Chocolate is made from the seeds which are in the pods of the cocoa tree. Its seeds are called cocoa. Cocoa has a very bitter taste which is removed during manufacturing to make it tastier.
  • Although the cocoa tree was discovered 4000 years ago in Eastern America, at present 70% of the world’s cocoa is produced in Africa.
  • Cocoa trees can live up to 200 years. But a good chocolaty cacao produces seeds only for 25 years.
  • All cocoa trees produce about 2,500 seeds annually. It starts producing seeds at the age of four to five years.
  • Cocoa seeds contain 300 types of natural flavors and 400 types of different aromas.
  • About 800 cocoa seeds are required to make one kg of chocolate.
  • How chocolate is made –
  • Chocolate is made by processing cocoa seeds.

Chocolate and history-

  • In the ancient Maya civilization, a human was sacrificed for a good harvest of cocoa. Normally a prisoner was made Halal after being fed a cup of chocolate.
  • People of Maya civilization used to use chocolate in marriage and other rituals. When one of his kings died, he used to keep big cups of chocolate in his grave.
  • During the Second World War, German scientists made a chocolate cover that could be wrapped on a steel bomb. If a piece was cut from the cover of Chocolate, it would burst after seven seconds.
  • The first machine to make chocolate was made in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1780.
  • Chocolate arrived in England in 1650 and the English company opened the first Chocolate Bar in 1842.
  • Chocolate and our body
  • Some people say that eating chocolate causes acne, but nothing like this has been proved in research. On the contrary, the flavonoids present in chocolate absorb Ultra Vilot radiations, which increases blood flow to the skin, which is good for us.
  • People who feel depressed, they eat 55% more chocolate than normal.
  • In a study conducted in Indiana (a US state), cyclists who drank milk chocolate in the middle of a game scored higher than players who drank other sports drinks.
  • Chocolate is the only food item whose melting point is lower than that of the human body. If a piece of chocolate is placed on your tongue, it will start to melt.
  • By eating a chip of chocolate, a person gets the energy to walk 150 meters.
  • Research has shown that eating dark chocolate increases the working power of the brain. Dark chocolate is the chocolate in which the amount of cocoa is up to 60 percent.
  • By eating dark chocolate, the equality of the eyes also increases.
  • Do you know that by eating chocolate, you can make your sex life better. 10 grams of dark chocolate has a positive effect on blood pressure and also increases sex performance.
  • Sex ability increases after six hours of eating chocolate.
  • But eating more chocolate can prove to be dangerous for you. It can also make you impotent.
  • Other interesting facts about chocolate
  • According to a report, the chocolate market in 2010 was 4244 crores, which will be 5014 crores in 2016.
  • American chocolate manufacturers use 1.5 million 88 thousand kg of milk every day to make milk chocolate.
  • The chocolate industry is huge and about four to five crore people work in this industry to earn their living. It produces about 38 lakh tonnes of cocoa seeds.
  • The people of Switzerland eat an average of 8.5 kg of chocolate annually, which is the highest. Next comes Australia (8 kg) and Ireland (7.5 kg). America remains in 11th place.
  • 40% of the world’s almonds are used in chocolate products.

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