What are the benefits of eating Watermelon ?

Benefits of eating watermelon

Eating watermelon reduces the risk of heart diseases.


Cholesterol remains under control by the consumption of watermelon.

Eating watermelon keeps blood pressure under control and is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

Eating watermelon reduces the chances of getting any diseases because its consumption increases immunity.

Consuming watermelon is very beneficial for the eyes.

Eating watermelon keeps the mind fresh and reduces stress.

Eating watermelon is beneficial for all stomach problems.

There is no shortage of water in the body by eating watermelon.

Watermelon removes the lack of blood in the body.

If someone wants to lose weight, then watermelon will prove to be effective for him.

Watermelon contains an element called lycopene, which maintains the glow of the skin.


Benefits of eating watermelon and its treatment of various diseases

  • Difficulty urinating (urinary tract or burning) and kidney stone:
    • Benefits of watermelon seeds – Grind watermelon seeds in hot water and filter it and drink it. This removes the pain caused by urination. Due to its consumption, the stones dissolve and come out through urine.
    • Grind the root of watermelon in fresh water and filter it three times and eat it daily for at least 10 days, it melts the stones and comes out.
  • Mouth ulcers: Burning the peel of watermelon and applying its ashes on the ulcers cures mouth ulcers.
  • Constipation: Consuming watermelon for a few days ends the problem of constipation.
  • Toxic blisters of the skin: Applying the pulp of watermelon on the poisonous blisters of the skin and tying a bandage, the blisters are cured.
  • Headache:
  • • If the headache is due to heat, then drink the juice of watermelon pulp, it cures the pain.
    • Drinking sugar candy mixed with watermelon juice ends headache.
  • Bloody diarrhea: Feeding watermelon to the patient of dysentery removes the impurities inside the body and cures bloody dysentery. Do not drink water at all after taking it to the patient.
  • Ascites (accumulation of water in the stomach): By eating watermelon, urine comes freely, due to which ascites is cured.
  • Blood leucorrhoea: Grind 10-10 grams red seeds of watermelon and sugar candy and eat it with water, it cures blood leucorrhoea.
  • Syphilis (Firang): Cut a square piece in a ripe watermelon and take out some of its pulp from the cut part of the watermelon. After this, fill 250 grams of sugar in it and keep the same piece on top, close its mouth and keep it in the dew at night. Drink the water inside it in the morning. By doing this treatment every day for a few days, syphilis is cured.
  • Allergies: If the summer season is going on, then taking black salt mixed with watermelon juice removes allergies.
  • High blood pressure (high blood pressure): Its consumption also prevents the above blood pressure from increasing.
    • Benefits of watermelon seeds in high blood pressure- Grind the kernels of watermelon seeds and white poppy seeds separately and mix them in equal quantities. Then take 3 grams of this with water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.
  • It lowers blood pressure and helps you sleep well at night. Headache also goes away. Due to its consumption, the hardness of the blood vessels starts decreasing and the defect of blood is also removed and the blood vessels become soft and flexible. It should be used as needed for four to five weeks.
  • • The juice of watermelon seeds contains an element called crunchy positrin. It also affects the kidneys. This reduces high blood pressure. Apart from this, the swelling near the ankles is also cured.
    • Drinking 1 cup of watermelon juice by adding 1 pinch of rock salt reduces high blood pressure.
  • Cracked lips: Grinding the seeds of watermelon (Turbooz) in water and rubbing it on the lips or tongue, it cures ‘cracking of lips and tongue’. 13•Swelling: Mixing about 2 grams of black pepper powder in 50 ml watermelon juice and taking it twice a day ends inflammation.
    • By drinking the juice or juice of watermelon seeds, the inflammation caused by kidney failure ends.
  • Vaham (Illusion) and Madness:
    • Mix 1 cup juice of watermelon, 1 cup cow’s milk and 30 grams of sugar candy and fill it in a white glass bottle. Keep this bottle in a safe place in the open sky (moonlight) during night time. Give it to the patient in the morning. By doing this experiment continuously for 21 days, insanity and delusions go away.
    • Peel 10 grams of watermelon seeds and take out its kernel. Put this kernel in water in the evening and then in the morning grind these kernels in water and mix some sugar candy and consume it, it cures mania or madness.
  • Joint pain: Drinking watermelon juice provides relief in joint pain.
  • Vomiting: If after the meal, there is vomiting due to burning sensation in the liver, then drinking 1 glass of watermelon juice mixed with sugar candy is beneficial in the morning.
  • Fever: If fever occurs due to exposure to sunlight, then taking watermelon cures fever.
  • Dry cough: Consuming watermelon in dry cough cures dry cough.
  • Beauty: Rubbing the red fleshy peels of watermelon on hands, feet, neck and face enhances beauty.

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