Amazing facts of Human Behavior

  • People who spend their time in the sun are often happier.
  • People who try to please others often find themselves alone.
  • The more we talk about someone, the more we start liking him.
  • Those who are able to tell lies clearly and clearly, they often catch the lies of others easily.
  • We can remember only 3-4 things at a time.
  • People who call their favorite by the name of abuse, they show honesty and loyalty towards their friends.
  • We often express our anger over the mistakes of others. But if we do the same thing ourselves, then we feel right.
  • We can give full attention to something for only about 10 minutes.
  • We often daydream. That’s what our brain does, 30% of the time.
  • We often take our decisions by being half-conscious.
  • While reading something, we first look for short sentences. But we read longer sentences better.
  • We ask for more substitutes for anything.
  • When we sleep, our brain works at the same speed as it normally does.
  • It takes about 66 days to make anything a habit.
  • We Can Only Make About 150 Close Friends
  • Our eyes speak many things about us.
  • Those who have more moles are said to live longer.
  • After eating a lot of food, we cannot hear properly.
  • Our nose is able to remember and recognize 50,000 types of smells.
  • At about the age of 60, we take snoring.
  • We can become strong only by thinking about our muscles.
  • We often get attracted towards those who have big eyes.
  • Our mind has the ability to know that without seeing who is watching us.
  • Our mind and our memory are such that we forget the things we should remember first.
  • We feel very sorry for taking any decision in a hurry.

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