Amazing facts of Human Eyes

  • A normal human eye can recognize 10 million colours.
  • If the human eye was a camera, then its power would be equal to 576 Mega Pixel.
  • The muscles that control our eyes are more active than all the other muscles of our body.
  • We have 1.2 million fibers in one eye. (Fibers are a type of fiber)
  • There are about 120 million rods and 70 lakh cones in the retina of each of our eyes. It helps to see in low light from the road while in high light from the cone.
  • Human eyes are always equal from birth to death, but with age, the lens of the eyes becomes thicker, due to which the need for glasses is usually after the age of forty.
  • We spend 10 percent of our day time blinking, which is equivalent to half an hour of the whole day.
  • We blink an average of 12 times in a minute. Accordingly, we blink about 10,000 times a day and 35 million times in a year.
  • Another fact related to the blinking of eyelashes is that if you add the blinking time of the whole life, then it will be more than a year.
  • Nature has made our eyes in such a way that any small problem related to it gets removed very quickly. If there is a scratch in your eye, then the cornea heals it within two days.
  • The cornea of ​​the eye is the only part of the whole human body in which there is no blood vessel. For this reason the cornea does not even need oxygen.
  • The structure and properties of cornea of ​​humans and sharks are almost the same. Therefore, the cornea of ​​sharks can be surgically replaced with the cornea of ​​humans.
  • The weight of a human eye is only 8 grams.
  • Until the newborns are 4 to 13 weeks old, they do not have tears while crying. His only voice is heard while crying for that long.
  • People who have blue eyes, they have more ability to tolerate alcohol, that means they can drink more alcohol than other people.
  • About 40 million people of the world are blind and about the same number of people are troubled by any problem related to eyes.
  • After the brain, the eyes are the most complex structural part of our body.
  • The hair above our eyes (Eyebrows) is changed every 64 days to new ones.
  • When we see something surprising, our eyes become 45 percent bigger.
  • Most humans have brown eyes.
  • Eyes use 65 percent of the brain’s energy, which is more than any other organ.

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