Amazing facts of Google

  • Do you know that the Google search engine entered the world of the Internet in 1988, at that time there were no other search engines on the Internet.
  • Do you know that Google earns about $ 3488 (Rs 250277.95) in a second, this is a very interesting fact about Google.
  • Do you know that Larry page or Sergey Brin launched Google compnay in 1995. Although he had to work for a long time to develop the Google search engine, Larry Page or Sergey Brin met at Stanford University, where they discussed starting it.
  • Do you know that after 2010, Google has bought one company per week, so you can guess how many companies Google has bought such as Android YouTube WhatsApp. 5.  Do you know that Google has bought all the domains related to its name like Googles, gooogle, G00gle etc. has bought all such domains so that more marketing of Google can be done.
  • If Emplayer working in Google company dies in future, then Google company provides 50% of his salary to his family as salary every month for 10 years.
  • Do you know that Google was about to save itself in 1999, a company named excite had turned down this offer for 1 million dollars.
  • Do you know that Google has taken photographs up to 80 lakh 45 thousand kilometers for its Street View Map.
  • Every year 2095100000000 questions are searched on Google, meaning in 1 second, more than 7000 people come to Google to find their questions and answers, then you can guess how much traffic there would be on Google.
  • Google Facts in Hindi – Do you know that such big companies like Youtube, Android, Whatsapp belong to Google.
  • Do you know that the name Google is due to spelling mistake. The founders of Google wanted to name Google as Googol but due to spelling Google read Google instead of Googol.
  • The idea of ​​Google gmail was given by Rajan Seth of India when he went to give an interview in Google company, Google itself used it for 2 years to fully charge before launching Gmail, only then 2004 Let me launch Gmail on April Fool’s Day.
  • Do you know that more than 90% of Google’s advertising comes from earning from ads.
  • Do you know who has the most information about you, friends, Google has the most information about you, this is interesting Google facts.
  • Do you know that Domain was registered on September 1997.
  • At present, the CEO of Google is Sunder Pichai, who is an Indian.
  • Do you know the original name of Google, the original name of Google is Back rub.
  • When Google was being created in 1998. Then a lady gave her garage to Larry Page, then later the same lady became the CEO & Founder of YouTube.
  • This is very interesting Google facts. At present, there are about 70 Headquarters in the world of Google.
  • There are about 88,110 employees in Google Company. Google has 20,000 such employees. Who work professionally for google. In which 37% is Research staff and 37% is Sales staff.
  • Google gives very advanced facility for its employer which is not given in any company in the world, so people want to work with Google company but only many people get job in Google company.
  • When you do some search in Google, you must have seen in the below that in some way Goooooooooooooooooole it means that Google has billions of trillions of pages which do not count.
  • Do you know that the people of Pakistan search the most about sex on Google, this is an interesting Google fact.
  • 33% of searches on Google are done by Smartphone only. And 67% of searches are done by computer.
  • Every day earning of Google is 1 Million Dollar which is 8.5 billion rupees according to Indian Rupee. In which 100 Million Dollar comes only from Advertisement. Google’s Daily Ads promotion is 5.5 billion. Daily Page Search is 25.6 billion
  • This is an interesting Google facts. Every day there is 16% such research on Google, which Google has never seen before, this is an amazing Google interesting fact.
  • Google had kept its first domain Googlesucks.Com, which was changed to

Wikipedia is a website that Google hates the most because Google’s ads are not shown on Wikipedia, due to which Google loses billions of rupees daily,


Wikipedia is such a website in the world on which Millions of Millions of people visit. For knowledge only.


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