Amazing facts of Gold

1. Gold is a brilliant metal, it does not react with the oxygen and moisture present in the atmosphere, so gold does not rust or tarnish.


#2. Pure gold is bright yellow in color which is a very attractive color.

#3. Pure gold is so soft that it can be molded by hand. 1 Tola (10 grams) of gold can make a wire 5400 feet (1.6 km) long, the thickness of a hair.

#4. Gold is found in nature in its pure state, which is very malleable, so brass, copper and iridium metals are mixed in it to make its jewellery, which gives hardness to the jewellery.

#5. In the old method of extracting gold, sandy lands of rocks were washed over shallow puddles. Due to the high density of gold, it used to settle down and light sand was removed with washing.

#6. The purity of gold is measured in carats. Gold can be of 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 24 carat. The higher the number of carats, the more gold will be in it and the less the amount of other metals.


#7. The word carat is derived from the seed of the carob, which was used to weigh light objects in the Middle East. The weight of each of its seeds was about 200 grams.

#8. Melting gold requires a temperature of 1,943 degrees Fahrenheit (1064 degrees Celsius).

#9. So far, about 168,000 tonnes of gold has been extracted from the mines.

#10. It is believed that 80% of the Earth’s gold is still buried under the ground.

11. It is estimated that there is a total of 1000 million tonnes of gold in the depth of the sea, if all the gold is taken out, then every person will have 4 kg of gold.

#12. It is not that gold is found in only a few countries, but gold has been extracted from every continent of the earth.

#13. It is also claimed that almost all the gold on Earth came from outer space.

#14. Some modifications claim that the gold present on Earth has come from meteorites. These meteorites hit the outer surface of the Earth 200 million years after the formation of the Earth.


#15. Scientists believe that gold can be found on Mars, Mercury and Venus.

#16. Gold and copper are the earliest metals discovered by humans around 5,000 BC.

#17. There is about 0.2 mg of gold in our body, most of it is in our blood.

#18. You will be surprised to know that gold is a much rarer metal than diamond.

#19. About 48 percent of the gold in the world is present in the form of jewelry.

#20. Today we can make more steel in one hour than the gold we have got till date.

21. Gold is a very good conductor of electric current. Gold is used in electric cables such as audio, video and USB cables.

#22. 24 carat gold melts at 1063 degree Celsius.


#23. Until 1912, the “gold medal” awarded at the Olympics was pure gold, but today the “gold medal” of the Olympics consists of only 6 grams of gold and the rest 92.5% silver.

#24. Gold is also beneficial for our skin, wearing gold jewelry eliminates the dead cells of the skin.

#25. A medical study conducted in France has proved that gold is very effective in the treatment of arthritis. This study was done in the 12th century.

#26. In Greek it is believed that gold is formed by the condensed mixture of water and the sun’s rays.

#27. The first pure gold coins were minted in 540 BC during the reign of King Croesus of Lydia.

#28. The world’s most expensive gold coin is the US $20 “Double Eagle” coin that was minted in 1933 and sold for $75.9 million at an auction in New York in 2002.

#29. Two-thirds of the world’s gold comes from South Africa.

#30. India is the largest consumer of gold in the world.

31. Jewelery made in South Asian countries is generally purer than jewelry made in Western countries, using 22 karat gold instead of 14 karat.

#32. If we want, we can also eat 24 carat gold and you will not get sick from it. In many countries of Asia, gold is also mixed in tea, coffee, medicines etc.


#33. There are some people in the world who are afraid of sleeping, this fear is called Aurophobia.

#34. The world’s largest gold biscuit weighs 250 kg whose size is 45.5 cm × 22.5 cm. It was manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

#35. The largest piece of gold was found in Australia on 5 February 1869, weighing 72 kg and was found just 24 inches below the ground.

#36. Gold is also used to make window glasses and astronaut helmets. The gold reflects the dangerous rays coming from the sun and helps in keeping the helmet cool from inside.

#37. 300 times more gold than 1 ton of gold ore is extracted from 1 ton of iPhones.

#38. Indian women hold about 11% of the world’s gold. This gold is more than the total gold of countries like America, Switzerland and Germany.

#39. India is the largest consumer of gold in the whole world, but only 2% of the world’s total gold production is in India. Most of the gold in India comes from the Kolar mines of Mysore, the Monsoon and Singhbhum districts of Sikkim and Bihar.

#40. The name of the company that extracts the largest gold in the world is “Barrick Gold”. It is a Canadian company and its business is spread across Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

#41. To date, about half of the gold mined has been extracted from just one site: Witwatersand, South Africa.


#42. If all the gold found till date is to be kept in one place, then only three Olympic swimming pools are enough to keep it.


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