Amazing facts of Telegram

  • Telegram is a Could-Based Instant Messaging Service. It is a messaging that allows you to chat online with your family and friends.
  • Let me tell you, Telegram was first launched in 2013 by two brothers NIKOLAI and PAVEL.
  • It was first launched on 14 August 2013 for iOS and in October 2013 for Android.
  • Telegram uses the MT Proto Protocol to encrypt the data of its users.
  • It can be used simultaneously in multiple devices.
  • Do you know that, it has the facility of Secret Chat, where you can destroy your chats when your conversation is over and if you want, you can also delete them automatically, for which you will get a time has to be set.
  • There are two types of Telegram Public Channel and Private Channel.
  • Public channel is called those channels which have a username, anyone can search them by searching on the internet and can join as well.
  • You do not need to waste your precious time because in Telegram you get information on your favorite topic.
  • Through Telegram you can interact with many people and learn a lot from them.
  • Telegram is productive for small companies, where they can discuss their ideas and future plans.
  • In this, all the members get notification when you publish some post in the channel and if you do not want to disturb your members then you can enable silent broadcasting while broadcasting.
  • Let me tell you, this app is also good for advertisers because they get targeted people in one place.
  • To download this app, you have to go to play store and search telegram, which will show this.
  • Telegram is free from the beginning and will always be so, their founders say.
  • Let me tell you that Telegram has many such features which make it different from others like Telegram Groups, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers etc.
  • It has English language, Arabic language, Spanish language, Korean language, etc.

More than one phone number – Whenever you need to change mobile number in Telegram app, you can change it very easily.


But the best part is that all your messages will be automatically transferred to the new mobile number and Telegram adds the new number to all your previous contact numbers.

Multiple Profile Picture – There is a facility to upload multiple profile photos on the Telegram app.

You can set as many profile pictures as you want.

Secret Chats Features – Provides the facility of secret messages on Telegram. You can create secret chats that use end-to-end encryption. These secret messages are not recorded on Telegram’s servers. So after a certain time all the secret messages are automatically deleted from your phone.


Theme Customization Facility – In the Telegram app, you can create your own custom themes. There will be many customization options in this, using which you can give the design and look to Telegram as per your wish.

Telegram Bots Features – If you use Telegram app for business purpose then these bots features will be very useful. The bot will help you get different types of information.

Auto-Night Mode – Telegram also has a great feature like Auto-Night Mode. By using this you can protect your eyes from harmful mobile light. When Auto-Night Mode is turned on, it automatically goes into Dark Mode.

SPECIAL CHAT FEATURES – You can delete the message sent to the group or contact. For this, long press on the message then tap on the trash icon.


Mute Contacts and Group Features – If you join channel and group in Telegram. But later if his messages bother you, then you can stop the message in just one tap. For this mute features have been given in Telegram.

Live Location Sharing Features – You can share live location with your friends on Telegram. For this, you have to open the chat and search for the attachment button. Then you can share your current or live location by tapping on Location option.


Proxy Server – If you are concerned about security then Telegram allows you to use a proxy server. This helps to protect your phone’s data.


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