Amazing facts of Tree

  • A fully grown tree keeps the environment 70 times more clean than a newly planted one.
  • 80 percent of the world’s forests have been cut. Before the arrival of the British, North India was also mostly surrounded by forests.
  • The cost of a fully grown tree is about 5000.
  • An ordinary tree supplies oxygen as much as five human breaths per day.
  • The amount of carbon that a tree absorbs in a year is as much carbon as a car produces after driving 41,600 km.
  • A tree absorbs about 1000 kg of carbon dioxide during its entire life time.
  • Jagdis Chander Bose, the scientist of India, was the first to make such an instrument which can measure the growth of trees. He made this instrument with only 300 rupees of equipment, which was named Crescograph. He also got the Nobel Prize for this. He was the first scientist in Asia to get the Nobel Prize.
  • Studies have shown that plants play a very important role in improving health. A patient who sees the green trees from the hospital room gets better soon.
  • Do you know that trees never die because of old age? They always go to diseases, insects and then die only because of human beings. Otherwise it would never die. There is a tree in Calcutta whose age is more than 2000 years. There is also a sacred tree in the Shri Harimandir Sahib of Amritsar, whose age is also a few hundred years.
  • A tree annually sucks 2000 liters of water from the earth.
  • The daily edition of a big newspaper is made of 500 trees. Every book you ever read was a tree at some point.
  • Trees take 10 percent of their dose from soil while 90 percent from air.
  • 20,000 species of trees are found throughout the world. Most species are found in India. America is in second place.
  • The Amazon basin is the largest area under forests. It is about 3,30,075 square kilometer which is slightly more than Maharashtra (3,07,713).
  • Bamboo grows rapidly and the growth of some of its species reaches 1 meter per hour on some days of the year.
  • Banana trees grow up to about 20 feet.
  • About 20 percent of China’s trees are used to make medicine.
  • A fully grown pine tree (Birch) produces 10 lakh seeds in a year.
  • To save one acre of trees, you have to recycle 1 ton of paper.
  • The weight of the leaves and branches of trees grown in one acre is one ton, which is enough for natural food.

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