The Garuda Purana – Part 1

Pakshiraj Garuda requested Lord Vishnu, “O Lord, after visiting all the three worlds, after seeing the people living in it, I concluded that they remain immersed in all miseries.


My inner ear pains. There is fear in heaven from the enmity of demons. In the earth world, from the separation of death, disease and anointed things. The snakes living in the underworld, etc., remain sad because of my fear. “

For the sake of public welfare, an attempt has been made to present the essence of the questions asked by Garuda, solutions by Lord Vishnu through this booklet.

Bird King Garuda asks Lord Vishnu ji – Oh Lord, please tell me that :-

1- How the creature dies and where does it go after death ?


2- For what reason is the person who is dying, is put to sleep on the earth.

3- Why Kush and Til are laid under it ?

4- Why Pancharatna is put in his mouth ?

5- Why cow donation is given at the time of death, for unique things ?

6- At that time, how does the creature get the non-living body?

7- Why do sons and grandsons who give fire carry him on their shoulders?

8- Why is Ghrita coated in the dead body?


9- why “Yama Sutak” is recited in the north direction of the dead body ?

10- Why is the dead person given water to drink by wearing only one garment?

11- After cremating the dead body, why should that person not sit with his family members and eat food etc ?

12- Before the tenth day, the sons of the dead person, for what do they donate 9 bodies ?

13- Why is the cremation of the dead body and its eternal water tarpan done?

14-By which method should the body of Pitras be donated?

15- How they are invoked to accept that body ?


16- After cremation, why is there a law for bone-collection and fracturing?

17- For purification on the tenth day, why should we eat and do Pind dan with all the family members ?

18- What is the purpose of offering Pind Daan to Ekadash?

19- why is Patdaan etc. done on the 13th day?

20- Why are 16 Shrades performed for 1 years?

21-O Lord, the body of man is impermanent and dies only when the time comes, but I cannot see the hole through which the soul leaves ?


22- The sins, virtuous, charity, etc., committed by the creature during its lifetime, when the body is destroyed, how do they go with it ?

23- Why does a dead creature have spindikrn ?

24- What is the status of a person who is a sinner, a wicked person or a wicked person after death ?

25-Hey Upendra, at the time of death of man, what should be done for his welfare ?

26- What is the method of reaching death and cremation ground ?

27- What is the method of burning the dead body in the pyre ?


28- How does that soul get another body with immediate and delay ?

29- For the person going to Yama-Lok (Samyamani city), which activities should be done throughout the year ?

30-What is the atonement for an ill-informed or mischievous person when he dies ?

31- In case of death in Panchka etc., what should be done for Panchak peace ?

32- Inspite of committing many sins, how can a creature reach you by crossing this world ?

O God, You are capable of destroying all this confusion of mine. I have asked you all this with the wish of good luck. Please tell me.


When a man, having experienced the accumulated results of the good and bad karma of his previous birth, and doing karma in this birth, reaches the state of death, then many diseases arise in the body. Like a sudden snake, he goes on being tied in the clutches of death. He leads a miserable life at home, helpless, handicapped, physically and mentally, suffering from pains, yet carrying in his mind the desire to live.

When the group of senses of a dying person becomes disturbed, the conscious body becomes engorged, then in the last moments comes a celestial consciousness in which all the worlds look alike. At that time he is unable to speak anything and leaves the life body and goes with the messengers of Yamraj.


When prana leaves the body, there is a lot of pain and pain as if stung by a sleeping scorpion / Foam forms in his mouth and the whole mouth starts filling with spit.

At that time, the creatures who are sad souls, they are killed by the Yamdoots by tying them in their hindrances.

Those who are good workers, they are happily taken by the councilors of heaven to their world.

Fear arises in the minds of sinners only after seeing the messengers of Bhima Kaya, the evil form of Yama Raj. Crying, a dead man the size of a thumb, looking at his house, dragged by eunuchs, suffering many tortures on the way, is taken in front of Yamraj.


The Jiva sees the physique of the most terrible Yamraj and then immediately on his orders comes back to his dead place, accompanied by the eunuchs. He tries to go back to his body, but the eunuchs keep hanging around his neck. He suffers a lot of hunger and thirst and cries a lot. He eats the rice cakes offered by his sons, yet his hunger does not go away.

The souls who do not get these flowers, they wander in the deserted forest.


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