Advantage and Disadvantages of Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit (pitaya, dragon fruit) advantages and disadvantages


Hello friends, how are you today I will tell you the benefits of eating dragon fruit,
Friends, recently the name of dragon fruit was changed to Kamalam in Gujarat..
Since then, common people have come to know a little about dragon fruit.
Friends, O Dragon Fruit is full of treasures

benefits of dragon fruit
1..The use of dragon fruit in heart disease is beneficial.

  • Helpful in preventing cancer to some extent
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol
  • Helps to keep the stomach and intestine healthy
    Helps to increase immunity
    is effective in strengthening bones
    .It can be used to get relief from anemia
  • It can be used to cure lack of appetite
  • It can be used to enhance the glow of the skin.
  • Disadvantages of dragon fruit –
  • If there is a lot of sugar, then use it carefully.

  • If there are benefits of dragon fruit, then there can be disadvantages too. Therefore, if you are consuming dragon fruit in any disease, then do it only after consulting a doctor.
    If consumed in balanced quantity, then this fruit is beneficial for us.
    This was the information about dragon fruit.

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