Garuda purana- part 2- Welfare work for dying person

welfare work for a dying person


~ First of all the land should be artillery with cow dung. Then after making a circle along the water line, spreading sesame and Kush grass on it, the dying person should be put to sleep on it. Putting Pancharatna / gold etc. in his mouth burns all the sins and frees him. Ghosts, phantom spirits and Yama’s messengers enter the dead body from the unholy place and the cot placed on the ground.

~ Ganga water should be poured in his mouth, or a basil leaf should be kept.

~ No one is mourning, take the name of the Lord to him.


~ As long as there is life, take the name of Vishnu.

Yamraj orders his messengers to bring to me those souls who do not take the name of “Hari”. Those who chant “Om”, “Hari” do not come near me. No matter how many virtuous deeds of sinners who do not believe in Narayana, their sins cannot be erased.

~ O Garuda, knowingly or unknowingly, whatever sins humans commit, they should atone for the purification of those sins. If man is not succeeding because of the ability in him, then at least one fourth atonement must be done. After that 10  Mahadan, cow, land, sesame, golden ghee, clothes, jaggery, silver, salt, these should be donated. It is more than one in purity, for the purification of sin. The routes mentioned to reach Yamaduar are very full of foul smell, pus, blood etc. Therefore, in order to cross the Vaitarni river situated on that path, one should donate Vaitarni-Gau (who is black in all the cows and whose udders are also black). All this should be given to a Brahmin of good nature.


Importance of ~Pad Dan  :- Parasol, shoes, clothes, rings, kamandalu, seat, utensils and food items, these are the eight prakara’s footsteps. Sesame pot, gruel pot, bed, and whatever else is deserving of himself, should be given.

O bird king, on this earth one who has atonement for sins, has given all kinds of donations, has donated Vaitarni-Gau and Ashta, a vessel full of sesame seeds, a vessel full of ghee, donated a bed and duly One who donates the post, he does not get into the womb of hell, that is, he is not reborn.

Whatever charity a man himself makes, he receives all that in the hereafter. There it is found placed in front of him.

~ By donating an umbrella, one gets the shade that gives happiness on the way.


With the help of paduka, donation, that man rides on a horse and crosses the path happily.

With the donation of a kamandalu full of water, a person goes to the hereafter happily.

By donating clothes and jewellery, Yama messengers do not harm the creature.

~ By donating sesame (white, black, brown), the sins committed by the mind, speech, and body are destroyed.

~ By donating a bed equipped with all means, in the heavenly world for 60000 years, Indra enjoys the world.


Apart from this, while giving cow donation, the Vetrani does not fall into the river by chanting “Nandanandanaam”.

~ Sad, and at the time of illness, giving sesame, iron, gold, cotton cloth, salt, seven grains, piece of land, one gets purification of sinful deeds.

~ By donating iron, one does not go to the city of Yama. Donation of iron should be given by touching the hands with the ground. There are many types of iron weapons in the hands of Yama Raj. This donation reduces the effect of those weapons.

The donation of gold, present in the meeting of Yama Raj, pleases Brahma, and other sages, who are considered as a boon.


The eunuchs do not cause trouble with cotton cloth.

~ By the donation of seven grains, the employees posted at Yama Dooars rejoice. ~ By giving on a piece of land, on which there is a crop, one attains Indra Lok.

~ Donating one cow, while in full consciousness, is equivalent to donating one cow (100) in sick condition and one thousand cows at the time of death.

~ A cow should be given to only one person. If he sells this cow or shares it with someone else, then his family suffers for seven generations.


method of donating cow ~ Wear gold leaf on the horns of a black or brown cow, and silver on the feet.

~ Take out its milk in a brass vessel.

~ Put a dosha of black cloth on the cow.

~ Cover the pot containing milk and place it on the cotton. Near it, place a gold idol of Yamraj, an iron piece, ghee in a brass vessel, all this on the cow.

~ From sugarcane molasses, make a bandage tied with a silk string, make a pit in the earth, fill it with water and keep the sack in it.

~ Holding the tail of the cow, keeping the feet on the sack, donating-dakshina to the brahmin, saluting, chanting the mantra, pray humble to Lord Vishnu that O Lord, you are the giver, protector and welfare of all beings. Presenting this gift at your feet, I salute the Vetarani river. O cow mother, you in the form of Goddess Shakti, deny my sins. Then with folded hands, seeing Yama Raj in the image of a cow, make a round around all of them and donate it to the Brahmin.


Auspicious time, place for cow donation:

~ All holy places for bathing

~ abode of brahmins

~ Sun, Moon, Grahan

~ new moon day

~ The effect of a little wealth, money, donated by one’s own hands remains forever. Wealth, property, wife, family, all are going to be destroyed, so accumulate virtuous deeds. Virtue-donation, small or big, does not make any difference to me.

~ sinners who do not give charity in diseases due to greed, they always remain unhappy.

~ sons, grandsons, brothers, brothers, friends, those who do not do charity for a dying person, they feel the sin of killing a Brahmin.


~ In all these types of donations, due to the excess and lack of donations that have come from the faith and unfaithfulness of the creature, there comes superiority and smallness in its fruit.

Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Lakshmi and Agni deities sit in this mandala built on the land. Therefore, the formation of a circle must be done. After sacrificing his life on the land without Mandal, he does not get any other Yoni. His soul keeps wandering with the wind

~ Moles have arisen from my sweat. On using this, Asuras, Demons, Daityas run away. A single sesame seed is equal to thirty-two sesame seeds of gold.


~ Kush has arisen from the hairs of my body. One should know Brahma in the root of Kush, Vishnu in the middle, and Shiva in the front. That is why for the satisfaction of the gods, “Kush” is the main thing, and for the fulfillment of the ancestors, the importance of “til”.

~ O birds are the best, Vishnu, Ekadashi fasting, Gita, Tulsi, Brahman and cow, these are the means of providing salvation to people in the inaccessible, inaccessible world. , Chanting the name of “O Ganga, O Ganga, Shloka of Bhagwat Geeta” or “Hari” in the last breaths brings good luck.

~ In the time of death, “Kush” should be kept in both the hands of the dying / by this the creature attains Vishnu Lok.

~ Lavanaras is dear to the ancestors or bestows heaven.


~ Near him, keep the Tulsi tree, the Shilla of Shalagram (destroys all sins), . The house where Tulsi is worshiped by making a Tulsi place is considered a holy bathing place and Yama’s messengers do not come there.

~ After this, the Vidhan Sutaks should be recited. By doing so, death is liberating.

~ Do not mourn, the son should shave his head and wear new clothes, bathe the dead body with his loved ones.

~ After this, keep gold branches on the dead person’s body in various places (mouth, nose, eye, ear, universe).

~ His body should be covered with two clothes and worshiped with Kumkum and Akshat.

~ The daughter-in-law of the house and others should worship the dead body by circling her and offer rice cake (lye) at the place of death.


By doing this, Mother Earth and divine powers are pleased.

Decorated with a garland of flowers, he should be carried along with his sons and brothers from the door. At that time the son should carry the dead father’s dead body on his shoulder. If a man does not get salvation, then the son saves him from hell. The son who shoulder the corpse gets the fruit of the horse cloud at every step.


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