Garuda Purana Part 3- Cremation



If sons and grandsons perform the last rites properly, then they become free from ancestral debt.

~ There is a method of giving six bodies under the cremation.

1st body – at the mouth place

The second body – on the door

Third body – at the crossroads

Fourth body – at the resting place

The fifth body – on the pyre

Sixth body – at the time of bone-harvesting


~ After stopping half way from the cremation ground, the dead body should be bathed in a clean place and worshiped in all the four directions. Then it should be laid on the cremation ground with the head facing north.

~ After cleaning the burning area, apply cow dung. No corpse should have been burnt before at this place.

~ After collecting some soil, make an idol of it, sprinkle it with water and worship it and establish fire.

While worshiping Agni with colored rice, address the fire power: “Loman, this creature is gone from this world, give heaven to this soul”


~ After this build a pyre / place the corpse on it / in the hands of the deceased, and place “lye” grains on the pyre.

In this way, getting 5  “lye” grains to the deceased, he does not disturb the family members.

~ In the cremation ground, all the work done there with the things carried by the Shudras becomes fruitless.

~ If the above body is not given due to some reason, the dead body becomes eatable by the demons.


The fire of the Chandala’s house, the fire of the pyre and the fire of the sinner’s house should not be used in the cremation.

~ When half the body of the dead body is burnt in the pyre, after dissolving its skull with a wooden stick {so that it can go to the world of the ancestors}, offer sesame mixed ghee. The son should cry with anger at this time, so that he remains happy forever.

~ When the pyre is over by burning, first the women, then after bathing the sons, should eat each and every leaf of the neem tree. The Istrian should walk ahead when leaving home.


~ Again, after taking a bath in the house, the son should first eat food by giving food to the cow, and eat it himself on a leaf plate, but the food should not be prepared in advance.

~ After cleaning the place of death with cow dung, a lamp (whose face should be towards south) should be kept burning at that place for 12 days.

~ Fire should not be done in “Panchak”. The creature who gives up his life in “Panchak”, he does not get salvation.

~ Even cremation should not be done, otherwise there may be another death in the house.


In the beginning of the month, the time from the half part of “Dhanishtha” constellation to “Revati Nakshatra” is called Panchakal.

If you want to perform cremation in Panchak, then make four effigies of the human form of Kush, invite them with constellation mantras and place them on the dead body and cremation with the same effigies. Sons should also get Duara Panchak Shanti done.

~ For three days, at the crossroads, or on the pyre’s ground, in a raw earthen pot, which is tied to three wooden sticks, filled with milk and water, should be offered.

~ After cremation, bone-harvesting action should be done. After this, the process of donating 10 pinds etc. has been told at the time of burning-action, 6 pinds and under Dashgatra.


~ On the fourth day bone-harvesting should be done. If there is no obstruction, you can do it on the second or third day also.

~ After reaching the cremation ground, taking a bath, taking a warm bath, donating grains, saluting the deities at the place of pyre, doing 3 rounds while reciting the mantra “Yamayatva”, sprinkle milk and then water. Do, collect the bones from the pyre.

~ Place the bones on the leaves of “Palasha”, sprinkle them with milk and water, and keep them in an earthen pot. Complete the rituals of Shradh.

~ A triangular piece of land covered with cow dung, facing north, should offer 3 lye in all three directions.


~ After collecting the bones, place a jar filled with water, without covering the mouth, on a three-legged stool.

~ Offer curd, ghee, water and sweets to the deceased along with boiled rice.

~ 15 steps towards north direction, make a pit in the ground, keep a vessel containing bones in it. Putting a lye on it (relieves the pain caused by burning), take the vessel near a water tank.

~ After spraying the ashes with milk and water several times, coating it with sandal etc., worship / keep it in a box of leaves, touch your forehead and heart and leave it in the middle of the river Ganges.


~ The soul whose ashes are immersed in water within 10 days, that soul does not return from Brahma Lok.

~ As long as the bones keep floating, he remains in heaven. After the immersion of the bones, the rituals lasting 10 days begin.

sudden death Program List :-

~ Being at some unknown place, and not getting the body, the day this news is received, make a statue of Darbha grass and burn it. Collect its ashes and immerse it in the Ganges river. From that day complete the rituals of 10 days.

~ If the woman dies before having a child, then take the child out of the stomach, put it on the ground, and give a pyre to the woman only.


Press the child up to the age of 27 months in the soil / If he dies on the banks of the Ganges, then throw it in the Ganges.

~ Children older than these should be given a pyre and the ashes should be shed in the Ganges / Give food and a pot of water to the children.

~ There is no ritual if a child dies in the stomach. Donate milk on the death of a child, a pot of milk, sweets, food items on the death of a child.

After Malinshodshi, Madhyamshaudshi Shradh – Vishnu and the five Dev Shradhs are performed on the eleventh.


The learned brahmins should make a bull out of kush or churna of rice and discard it.


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