Garuda Purana Part 5- Rituals of 11th Day

~ Offer offerings of “Lai” to the Devangt soul. Establish golden idols of Lord Vishnu, silver of Brahma, copper of Shiva, and iron idols of Yamraj.


~ Towards the west, keep a lotus filled with Ganga water for Lord Vishnu. On top of this lota, place the idol of Vishnu ji dressed in yellow clothes.

~ In the east, on a pot filled with milk and water, in white clothes, place the idol of Brahma ji.

~ In the north, place the idol of Shiva ji in a red cloth, on a pot of honey and ghee.


~ In the south, place the idol of Yama Raj in a black cloth, on a pot filled with rain water.

~ Now the son should wear a sacred thread on his right shoulder, face south, make a circular circle in the middle, keep Kusha-grass in it, with Vedic mantras, offer water to all the gods, to the fire By offering offerings, complete the Shradh of the 11th day.

~ For the happiness of your ancestors, donate a cow.

~ After washing the feet of the brahmin, feed milk, sweets and food.


~ By placing a gold idol on the bed, worshiping it, donate the bed.

~ On the 11th day a bull, whose whole body is black-brown in color, should be donated for the happiness of the ancestors.

All the sins committed in childhood, youth and old age are destroyed by the bull donated by yourself.

After donating the bull, perform 16  Shradh (mentioned 10 Pind and 6  first ) / The first 16  Shradh is considered impure. After this the second middle 16 are considered holy.


The first grain of “Lai”, to Vishnu ji,
“2” Sara – Rudra Dev
“3” – Yama Dev
“4” – Maharaja Mon
“5” – deity
“6” – Fathers
“7” – death
“8” – Rudra  Dev
“9” – Purusa
“10” – Devangt
“11” – Vishnu
“12” –  Brahma
“13” – Vishnu
“14” – Rudra
“15” – Yama Dev
“16” – Purusa


~ This Sampoorana Kriya should be done for the whole 12 months, on the 15th, 21st day of every month, before 6 months, and before the end of the year.

~ By serving cooked food, after 48 Shradhs performed, the phantom yoni ends and he goes to the meeting of Pitras. If these Shradhs are not performed, then the phantom-yoni never ends. Performs annual rituals, she is called by me as “Sachchi Ardhangni”.

Due to death due to fire, water, suicide, all actions should be done.


~ In death due to snake bite, making the image of a cobra snake with rice powder, with sandal, flowers, incense, milk, sesame, rice etc., worship on the 5th day of every 15th day.

~ Narayan – complete the ritual of sacrifice.

~ For one year, every day, donate “lye” and water.


After all these activities of the 11th day are over, offer “Lai” to all the Pitras, clean the place, donate bedding and other gifts.


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