Garuda Purana Part 10 – Nouns of Sins and Reincarnation


Nouns of Sins and Reincarnation

cow slaughter – hunchback
Female murder, stomach drop – indulging in diseases
illicit relationship – eunuch
Eating sweets without giving it to others – swollen neck
Impure dish in Shradh – Flehri
Opposition to Vedas, Shastras – Jaundice
stealing a book – blind


kicking a brahmin/cow – lame
lie – stammer
poison – mad
stealing food – rat
Stealing Vegetables – Peacock
stealing metal – poverty
stealing salt – ant
Stealing Fruits, Flowers, Betel – Wild Monkey
stealing shoes, cotton – distinction / goat
hunt – goat at the butcher’s house


Death by drinking poison – black snake
Knife in the side, Ram in the mouth Ram Brahmin – Crane
betrayed a friend
Sale deception – owl
Quarrels with parents – die in stomach
woman who abuses mother-in-law / father-in-law – leech
Swearing bad husband – Ju fraudulently grab Brahmin’s property – take back the thing that has been damaged for seven generations again free of cost – going to terrible hell


Those who do not do charity or charity etc., they live in poverty. In poverty they commit sinful deeds. These actions take them to hell. Then poor are born and commit sinful deeds.

Whatever good and bad deeds happen, they have to suffer. Unpaid karmas do not perish even in millions of years.


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