Garuda Purana Part 13- Phantom Form and Its Remedy

~ Garuda ji asks Lord Vishnu ji,


how can humans who commit sins knowingly or unknowingly, how can they escape from the tortures of the eunuchs. By what actions do you become in the form of ghosts? By which auspicious donation a phantom yoni gets released.

~ Shri Hari says that it is very difficult to escape in both the cases of sinful karmas, and those who do not have sons.

~ Man should worship Lord Satachandi or Rudra, reciting Harivamsa, to get a son. Still, the departed souls go to heaven, if their rites are performed in a methodical manner by some other person, in the absence of a son.


Those who are engrossed in sinful deeds by being subject to the accumulated karma in previous births, renouncing their religion, accepts other religions, are deprived of knowledge and virtue, they are born in a phantom vagina.

~ Jiva after acquiring another body according to his deeds, suffers various kinds of sufferings in Yama Lok. There are 16 Puras on the way to Yama Lok. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four paths in the world.

“Dharma” – On the path, beings of good nature walk.

“Artha” – that is, beings who donate money and grains, go to the hereafter by plane.


“Kama” – the beings who satisfy the desire of the intended beggar, they ride on their shoulders and depart.

“Moksha” – The living beings who aspire to salvation go to the afterworld in a swan-laden plane.

Story of ~ King Babruvahana:

In Treta Yuga, there was a very mighty, brilliant, popular king named Babruvahana. There was complete prosperity in his rule. He used to respect and perform customs and rituals of Brahmins with full devotion.


One day he went hunting in the forest with his ministers. shot a deer. The injured deer ran inside the forest with the arrow. The king also got lost in the deserted forest, following the trail of his blood. Troubled by hunger and thirst, the king reached near a lake. After taking a bath in the lake, after drinking cold water, when he came out, he saw a beautiful fig tree. He sat under the shade of a fig tree.

Within a few moments he saw a terrifying phantom spirit who was distraught with hunger and thirst. That phantom soul came in front of the king and said, O king, today by your grace, I have got rid of this misery. I am thankful to you .

On asking the king the reason for his misfortune, the phantom said that he was also the king of a country. He used to do service of Brahmins, charity and charity regularly. The Shradh of the ancestors was also accomplished on time. But all this was in vain as he had no children. Some friend, some relative, who would do my funeral rituals after my death, due to which I had this misfortune. If the monthly 16 Shradhs are not completed, then even after performing 100 annual Shradhs, I cannot progress.


The king assured that he would make all efforts for her ultimate attainment, which he would be asked to do.

~ Phantom did all this method somewhere:
Vishnu Puja: 2 pieces of pure gold, which have not been earned by money, deceit, deceit, by making an idol of Shri Narayan, by washing it with holy water, by decorating it with yellow clothes, with ornaments, by keeping it in a holy place. Of :

In the East – Sridhar
In the South – Madhusudan
In the West – Vamana Dev
In the north – the mace bearer

~ In the middle of these are Pitamah and Maheshwar. Worship all these according to the custom.

~ There is also a purpose to release a bull. A bed, a pada donation to 13 brahminos and a pot made of gold, filled with milk and ghee, offered after worshiping Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, is donated to a brahmin.


By going out of the forest with his ministers, the rituals performed by the king, the phantom soul got good speed.

~ If a spirit-spirit can get momentum from the rituals of Shradh performed by an unknown person, then it can be accomplished by a son, but how much profit can be made.

~ Whoever listens to this holy story, or narrates it to others, never goes into a phantom-yoni.


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