Amazing facts of Rainbow

  • Rainbow is formed when it rains in one part of the sky and sunlight in the other part.
  • Rainbows are mostly visible near the waterfalls and in the areas near the equator.
  • Actually the rainbow is completely circular but when we look at it from the ground, we see only half of it, so you can see a full round rainbow from a high-flying airplane.
  • Rainbow is made up of these seven colors respectively: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Jambuki and Violet. There is also an easy way to remember these colors – ‘ROY G BIV’.
  • Although a rainbow is made up of seven primary colors, there is no fixed number of colors in the rainbow as each color gets mixed with the next color without any hard limits.
  • Rainbows are most visible in the last four hours of sunlight.
  • Rainbow is formed from 42-degree angle which starts from opposite side of the Sun.
  • You can see the rainbow only when the sun is on your back.
  • Sometimes two, three or four rainbows are seen together, this happens when the sunlight hits the raindrops more than once.
  • A double rainbow is formed when sunlight is reflected twice inside the raindrops.
  • If two rainbows are formed simultaneously, then the colors of the second rainbow will be in the exact opposite order of the primary rainbow. That’s why you will see purple instead of red at the top of the second rainbow.
  • You cannot touch the rainbow because it has no physical form.
  • The rainbow formed from the light of the moon is called ‘Moonbow’ and the rainbow formed from the fog is called ‘Fogbow’, this type of rainbow is very rare.
  • Rainbow can be seen not only in rain but also in mist, drizzle, fog and frost.
  • No two human beings can see the same rainbow. Because, if the person standing next to you is standing in a different place than you, then the rainbow he sees will be seen differently. Although both of you will feel that you are seeing the same rainbow but in reality you are both seeing different rainbows. Every drop of rain makes its own rainbow, so wherever that person stands, he sees the rainbow there.
  • Rainbow does not actually exist, it is not an object. This is an optical phenomenon, so no two people see the same rainbow.
  • When the sun is high, we see the rainbow below and when the sun is low, we see the rainbow at the height.
  • There are only two places in the solar system where rainbow formation is possible – ‘Earth’ and Saturn’s moon ‘Titan’. Rainbows form on Titan when sunlight reflects off droplets of liquid methane. The angle of the rainbow on Titan is about 49 degrees instead of 42 degrees.
  • When the sunlight is less, the rainbow is visible in the sky for a longer time.
  • Rainbow is always visible only in the morning and evening, it is very rare that a rainbow is formed in the afternoon, this is because in order to form a rainbow, the sun’s ray has to be read at 42 degrees on the raindrops, But in the afternoon the sun’s ray is more than 42 degrees.
  • Rainbow is the universal symbol of peace and harmony.
  • In ancient times, there were different beliefs about rainbow in different civilizations. According to Greek mythology, the rainbow is a bridge between heaven and earth; The ancient people of Serbia believed that the rainbow was the bow of the ‘God of the Storm’.
  • According to Hindu belief, the rainbow is said to be the bow of Lord Indra, because Indra is the god of Varsha (rain).
  • The dense part between two rainbows is called Alexander Band. It was first defined by Alexander in 200 AD.
  • The Greek poet Homer believed that the rainbow was made up of a single color, the color violet.
  • The word ‘Rainbow’ is derived from the Latin word ‘arcus pluvius’, which means ‘rainbow’.
  • René Descartes was the first person who discovered through his discovery (1637) that rainbows are formed when sunlight is reflected by raindrops.
  • By the 17th century, Western thinkers agreed on the five colors of the rainbow—red, yellow, green, blue, and violet.
  • Violet and orange were added to the colors of the rainbow by Isaac Newton in 1666, otherwise only 5 colors were considered in the rainbow before this. However, in China only five colors are still considered in the rainbow. Indian scholars have mentioned ‘Saptaranga’ about the rainbow for centuries.
  • Most rainbows on Earth are visible in the US state of Hawaii. Due to which it is also called ‘The Rainbow State’.
  • If you look at the rainbow with polarized glasses straight, you will not see the rainbow. (Polarized glasses are those glasses in which there is no glare and in which light comes from only one place in our eye).
  • South Africa is known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ to describe the unity of various cultural, racial or ethnic groups in the country.
  • The longest visible rainbow ever was seen on March 14, 1994 in the city of Sheffield, England. It was seen from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • ‘Red Rainbow’ is a very rare form of rainbow. Red rainbow is also called monochrome rainbow – it is formed after rain during sunrise or sunset.
  • It is difficult to depict (photo click) the entire semicircle of the rainbow in one frame.

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