Advantage and Disadvantages of Black Cardamom


Benefits and harms of black cardamom
Hello friends, today I will tell you the beneficial advantages and disadvantages of eating black cardamom.
Friends, black cardamom is also an important part of Indian kitchen.
Adding black cardamom to tea is a different pleasure to drink, its smell is also wonderful.


The benefits of black cardamom I can tell are less but I will try to tell you all.

Well let’s know the benefits of black cardamom..

benefits of black cardamom

  1. Applying its seed on the forehead of the head makes a difference in headache.
  2. Grinding it and applying it with honey on the mouth ulcer gives relief.
    3.It is a good option to increase digestion power
    4.Using it in case of indigestion gives relief.
  1. Using it with black salt makes a difference in stomach gas .
  2. It can be used to remove skin wrinkles.
    It can be used to remove bad breath
  3. By consuming cardamom extract, the problem related to the liver is corrected.
  4. Its tea can be consumed to cure cold-cough or sore throat.
  5. It is also helpful in keeping the heart healthy.
  1. Disadvantages of black cardamom
  2. Can reduce the amount of sugar by using more If we get more information about this, then we will keep updating this article.
    Friends, this was the information about black cardamom.

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