Advantage and Disadvantages of Fennel Seeds


The benefits and harms of fennel

Hello friends, how are you, today we will tell you the beneficial advantages and disadvantages of fennel.
Fennel plays an important role in spices.. Fennel has many medicinal properties which are beneficial for us.

Fennel is eaten as a mouthwash after eating, it is effective in digesting food to remove the smell from the mouth.

Kher … let’s know how fennel can prove to be beneficial for us.


Benefits of fennel

  • Fennel is effective in removing stomach gas
  • If there is a bad smell from the mouth, then chew it and eat it after chewing it because it is not a gutkha or it will spoil it.
  • Helps Increase Appetite
  • Grinding fennel and applying it on the mouth can remove acne and bring a glow on the face.
    5.To improve the memory, eat the sofa with sugar candy
  • Sofa corrects the digestive system
  • Effective in controlling cholesterol
  • Helps to Increase Immunity
  • Maintains the youth of the skin
  • The best thing is that blood can be purified by its consumption, which can cure many diseases.
    11.It is a health item to use for good sleep.
  • harm of fennel Friends, by consuming anything more than the limit, it brings less benefit and more harm.
  • Anyone can be allergic
  • Its effect is cold, so keep this in mind If you use it in the right quantity then there is only benefit Nevertheless, before consuming it in the treatment of any disease, you must consult a doctor.

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